Maritime Race Weekend – Sunrise

Day two of the awesome Maritime Race Weekend began well before the crack of dawn.  The evening before was filled with surprises as my daughter, Rebecca, participated in her first race at the 5 KM Sunset race.  You can read all about our adventures here! The biggest surprise for me was discovering that my 8 … Continue reading Maritime Race Weekend – Sunrise

Maritime Race Weekend – Sunset

Aaarrrrr, Matey!  The pirate themed races of Maritime Race Weekend have been my favorite since I began racing and this weekend added even more to love! The Friday Sunset 5 KM race is flat route along gorgeous coast line in Eastern Passage, NS.  We run steps away from the ocean waves breaking on the beach, … Continue reading Maritime Race Weekend – Sunset

Inspired by…Vanessa – Part II

As runners, we often turn to each other for inspiration and support while we progress through our personal goals.  In February, I asked friends who have inspired my running journey to write a guest blog as an opportunity to share their running story.  Vanessa's February 2016 guest blog discussed her plans and goals for the upcoming running season. … Continue reading Inspired by…Vanessa – Part II