October 26th, 2016 – Wednesday Weekly Update – Rebuilding.

Training is awesome!  Seriously, things are coming back much faster than I thought they would and it's leaving me wondering if it's safe to say I can start setting goals beyond just wanting to run a bit again.  I'm scared to jinx this progress and do something that will hurt me but I think it's … Continue reading October 26th, 2016 – Wednesday Weekly Update – Rebuilding.

Inspired by…Vanessa – Part II

As runners, we often turn to each other for inspiration and support while we progress through our personal goals.  In February, I asked friends who have inspired my running journey to write a guest blog as an opportunity to share their running story.  Vanessa's February 2016 guest blog discussed her plans and goals for the upcoming running season. … Continue reading Inspired by…Vanessa – Part II