Race Stats

2012 Sneaker Shredder.

3 km in 17.43 (2/6 F30-39).  My first race ever.  I had no idea what I was doing and stuck with a buddy until the adrenaline took over and I sprinted to the finish line.

2012 Maritime Race Weekend.

I was signed up and trained but my son was admitted to the hospital that weekend so I did not participate.

2013 Maritime Race Weekend.  

Friday Sunset 5 km in 33.25 (148/305 F30-39; 624/1245 5Km runners).  This is a race to not forget!  We ran in crazy weather, were soaked through and had THE BEST TIME!

Saturday Morning 10 km in 1:03.43 (69/181 F30-39; 299/673 10KM runners).  Longest distance I had ever completed to that point.  Felt amazing crossing that finish line!

2013 Sneaker Shredder.  

5km in 28.43 (3/18 F30-39; 18/69 5km runners).  Stars aligned and I kicked out a time that I never thought I could.  It was awesome!

2013 Lucky 7 Relay.  

7km in 41.16 (822/1393 runners).  First ever relay with a group of fun ladies.  It was a great day!  The race route was around The Commons in Halifax a few times.

2014 Maritime Race Weekend.

Pain and stiffness became too much and I had to take some time off.  Missed the races and it broke my heart.  I was able to help out my best friend by watching her twin boys while she and her husband ran.  Cuteness overload.

2015 Maritime Race Weekend.

Friday Night 5km in 45.39.  Had a fantastic summer training with friends who were new to running.  Spent the race with them and loved watching each of them cross their first finish line.  Great night!

Saturday Morning 5km in 31.00 (14/193 F30-39; 115/774 5km runners)  Ran most of the race with a training buddy and realized with about 1.5 km left that under 30 wasn’t completely out of reach.  Debated for 1/2 km and then I took off for the last km.  It was a learning experience for me on trusting my training but an awesome time!

2016 BlueNose

10km in 59:33.7 (1031/2573 10KM runners; 506/1675 10km Females; 155/528 F30-39).  Read about the race in my BlueNose 2016 Recap.  It was a fun race where I learned what my limits are.

2016 Salmon Festival

10km – Did not compete due to Stress Fracture.  Read about what was happening in my Missed Race blog entry.

2016 Color Run Fun

5km –  Race cancelled.

2016 Maritime Race Weekend

Friday Night 5km – Deferred to 2017

Saturday Morning Half Marathon – Deferred to 2017

I attended this awesome race as a spectator.  You can read about it in my Maritime Race Weekend Recap.

2017 Blue Nose

10 KM in 1:02:37 (1050/2504 10 KM runners; 504/1604 10 KM Females; 111/410 F40-49). 

Read my recap of Blue Nose 2017 HERE!

2017 Salmon Festival

5 KM in 37:48 (65/115 5 KM Runners; 45/92 5 KM Females; 6/10 F40-49).

Ran with my daughter, Ashlyn, in her first 5 KM race.  Read about all the fun we had HERE!

2017 Maritime Race Weekend

5 KM in 43:51 (1691/2064 5 KM Runners; 1222/1535 5 KM Females; 434/534 F40-49).

Ran with my daughter, Rebecca, in her first 5 KM race.  I recapped our surprising evening HERE!

10 KM in 58:22 (279/998 10 KM Runners; 153/741 10 KM Females; 40/258 F40-49)

New Personal Best for the 10 KM distance.  One of my favorite races to date.  Fun recap is HERE!