Nature Knows Best

My friend, Valerie and I spent about an hour walking at the track this morning enjoying the lovely sunshine and chatting up a storm.  So much healthy goodness was being soaked up by both of us.  The exercise, the warmth of the sunshine, and the friendship - all so good for the mind and body. … Continue reading Nature Knows Best

New Look and Feel – Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new look and feel for Running Four Love! I am super excited to begin this new chapter!  As many of you may already know, I originally started this blog in 2015 to follow my journey to my first half marathon.  After two years of trying and training for the new distance, I … Continue reading New Look and Feel – Welcome Back!

Half Marathon Training – Week ?? Recap ( 53 days to go!)

Happening, just a little jumbled up! That's probably the best way to describe the training at the present moment.  Now that the beautiful weather of summer is here, our family has been soaking up every moment we can of it before it quickly leaves us.  Our days have been filled with days on the Halifax … Continue reading Half Marathon Training – Week ?? Recap ( 53 days to go!)