Author: Running FOUR Love

Wife, Mother of 4, and Runner. Figuring it all out one step at a time! I’m a lucky girl who gets to call myself wife of an amazing man. We made it official 16 years ago. This year we celebrated our anniversary by, well, ummmm, I may have been running a race on our anniversary that was totally supported by Hubby. See, I’m one lucky girl! We hit the jackpot with our four kiddos - Sissy, Bud, Boo Bear, and Baby Girl. Nicknames for now because I’m super overprotective, or at least that’s what my teens say. Sissy is 17, Bud is 15, Boo Bear is 12 and Baby Girl is 6. All super awesome kiddos and often the motivation for me to run! I run so I’m the healthiest mom I can be… I run to show them goal setting, dedication and how to adjust to what life throws at you… I run to show them there are healthy outlets to stress… I run because sometimes they drive me loopy and I just need to shake the crazy out! I may be addicted to running! I eat to run. I sleep to run. I talk about running to anyone who doesn’t glaze over with boredom. No wait, I will still talk running to them. I drive my awesome family crazy with running. And now I’m blogging about running! I love to run! So that’s me! Tanya - a wife, mother of 4, and runner. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. What twists and turns life will take. But this blog is me - sharing my running goals, achievements, and everything in between. The good, the bad and the running! Welcome! Disclaimer: I am not trained or certified to offer advice on medical topics, nutrition or exercise programming. This blog is one Mom’s story of discovering what works and doesn’t work for my situation as I set, and hopefully achieve, my personal running goals. Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning or modifying any nutrition or exercise programs. I am not liable for any problems that may occur from reading this blog.