About Me

Wife, Mother of Four, Runner and Yoga Lover.  Figuring it all out one step at a time!

Hi all!  I’m Tanya, a lucky girl who calls herself wife of an amazing man.  We made it official September 1999 and have been bringing the best out in each other since.  We’ve been dealt some rough hands to play but those are overshadowed by the amazing sweet moments we are lucky to receive.  We’ve accomplished many goals together and look forward to all the new adventures coming our way.

We hit the jackpot with our four kiddos – Sara, Brendon, Ashlyn and Rebecca.  Sara is 19 and has completed her first year of university.  Brendon is 17 and is our family’s hockey player.  Ashlyn is 14 and has the most amazing smile and contagious laugh ever!  Rebecca is 8 and is a master negotiator.  All super awesome kiddos and often the motivation for me to be the best I can be!

I started this blog in 2015 to follow my journey to my first half marathon.  After two years of trying and training for the new distance, I accepted the fact that the half marathon is not a healthy or safe distance for me but didn’t want to give up blogging.  Instead, I took some time in September 2017 to refresh, rethink and relaunch Running Four Love!

I’m still addicted to running!  I eat to run.  I sleep to run.  I talk about running to anyone who doesn’t glaze over with boredom.  No wait, I will still talk running with them.  I drive my awesome family crazy with running.  I will still continue to blog about all the awesome races I will participate in and the training in between.

However, I’ve also fallen in love with the world of yoga and find myself sharing the incredible peace, strength, focus and positivity it has brought to my life with friends and family.  It’s taken me 41 years to figure out what I want to be when I grow up but finally, I know!  I’ve recently made the decision to begin a career as a Yoga Teacher and will complete my Yoga Teacher Training beginning in January 2018!  Sharing my journey through this blog will be exciting!

Combined, running and yoga have provided me with a perfect potion that allows me to manage my depression and anxiety.  They allow me to be strong, present and forever growing individual, mother and wife.  It’s not always easy and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, what twists and turns life will take but this blog is me – sharing my running, yoga and life journey.


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Disclaimer:  I am not trained or certified to offer advice on medical topics, nutrition or exercise programming.  This blog is one Mom’s story of discovering what works and doesn’t work for my situation as I set, and hopefully achieve, my personal running and life goals.  Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning or modifying any nutrition or exercise programs.  I am not liable for any problems that may occur from reading this blog.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tan…. you have been my dearest bestie for such a long time and just wanted to say reading this for the first time, made me not only super proud of you and well up with tears but also serves as an inspiration in my own running journey. Love you, E xoxo


  2. Sending you big hugs Tan, I wish I would have checked in with you more often this fall. I’m always here for you. You are my inspiration!


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