Nature Knows Best

My friend, Valerie and I spent about an hour walking at the track this morning enjoying the lovely sunshine and chatting up a storm.  So much healthy goodness was being soaked up by both of us.  The exercise, the warmth of the sunshine, and the friendship – all so good for the mind and body.

We met a little character on our first loop around.  Its yellow shell glistened in the sun against the red track and instantly caught our attention.  A cute little snail just making its way through life but as runners, we noticed that it was heading towards the line.  Their own personal finish line. IMG_4110

With each lap we completed, we would check in on its progress and commented on how this snail’s journey across the track paralleled with so many themes of training while acknowledging the irony of the fact that it was indeed a slow snail.

…Obstacles will be presented, stay focused on your goal and just keep moving.  We could have been caught up in our chatting and stepped on the snail or a bird could have caught glimpse of the shell in the sunlight at any moment.  Really, many things could have been obstacles for the snail but it continued despite it all.  IMG_4111

…Train, run and race for you.  Never mind what the rest of the world is doing around you.  Just do what you need to do so that you get to where you want to be….like the snail.

…Listen to your body.  Respect your need for rest and recovery and respect your personal limits.  Trust that you know your body best.  Take time to tune in and reset goals so that they remain in line with and honor you!  The snail decided it was nap time!img_4113.jpg

Running lessons from a snail!  Who would have thought that was possible?

Have you ever had something ironic remind you to take pause and give thought?




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