New Look and Feel – Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new look and feel for Running Four Love!

I am super excited to begin this new chapter!  As many of you may already know, I originally started this blog in 2015 to follow my journey to my first half marathon.  After two years of trying and training for the new distance, I accepted the fact that the half marathon is not a healthy or safe distance for me (Read more here) but didn’t want to give up blogging.  Instead, I took some time in September 2017 to refresh, rethink and now relaunch Running Four Love!

I will continue to share my running training, race goals and recaps.  I will always be a runner who loves sharing this sport with as many people as possible.  I still say that everyone should experience a finish line once in their life time!

Running is so amazing that it actually led me to my next passion – YOGA!  I originally turned to yoga to supplement my running on a physical level but quickly found my practice developing on so many levels.  I want to share all the incredible peace, strength, focus and positivity it has brought to my life.  It’s taken me 41 years to figure out what I want to be when I grow up but finally, I know!  I’ve recently made the decision to begin a career as a Yoga Teacher and will complete my Yoga Teacher Training beginning in January 2018!  Sharing the journey through this blog will be exciting!

So, here we go!  A new chapter begins now.  Thank you to everyone who has supported, guided and encouraged me over the last two years.  You are appreciated!  I hope that you continue to enjoy visiting and reading about my adventures.  I look forward to connecting with you!

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Happy Running & Namaste,


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