I Almost Had a Temper Tantrum in Yoga Class Today!

Thursday are busy.  Like, really busy.  The four kids run in different directions for school and extracurricular activities all day long.  Let me rephrase that….I run the kids in different directions, sometimes at the same time, all day long.  I’m lucky to be able to be home with them and to be part of their day but that doesn’t stop the head spinning or exhaustion.

I didn’t really think this through when I signed up for my yoga classes during the little bit of quiet time I have on Thursday mornings.  When I looked at my schedule for the day, I had a moment of regret and then thought it’s probably good to have a bit of stillness in the busy day.

This morning, it took a bit to settle into the class but it happened as it always does.  Movements and breath guided by the teacher somehow makes everything else disappear.  My body still has a few tight spots from Maritime Race Weekend but they were being tended to and I was feeling great by the time we laid in Savasana.

The teacher for this session, Andrea, is so good at being across the room yet having her voice as gentle as a whisper right next to you.  She leads the Yoga Nidra classes I attend as well with the same….I don’t know….peace, comfort, relaxation.

Today, I was so ready for Savasana.  I was craving those few peaceful moments of nothing and everything.  I enjoyed every moment.  I might have enjoyed it too much because when we were guided to bring small movements back to our fingers and toes, I became angry!  I literally sighed out a big huff like a little kid because I DID NOT want to bring movement to the moment, big or small.

I surprised me!  Where was this attitude coming from?  Why was I reacting like a little 2 year old who was denied their favorite treat.  Well, because I was being denied a treat.  I had been allowed a small taste but then couldn’t have any more.  It made me realize how much I have come to appreciate my yoga practice in my day.  It made me realize that creating space in my day to either practice yoga or meditate is important….so important.

Here I am at the end of the busiest day we have had in a while and I’ve still got my shit together, even after waking at 5 am.  Combine this appreciation for yoga with my love for running and I have certainly found a magical potion for this mom!


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