Half Marathon Training – 47 days to go!

Another week in the books and a whole bunch of steps closer to my first half marathon.  This week was kept a bit more in line with the schedule than previous weeks, however, I have been thinking of tweaking the schedule and after Friday’s long run, the changes are definitely happening.  I am struggling too hard to keep up with the demands of the training program.

My legs are strong and my heart rate is happy at a pace that I am super please with, but my overall energy levels are plummeting.  I am spending far too much time is a haze and exhaustion fog with the energy level of a sloth.  I’m literally spent a lot of the time and am missing out on too much living.  I have no sweet clue how other runners complete marathon after marathon or even just train for ultras, let alone run them.  Even after doing everything I could think of to support the current training, the crashing and burning keeps happening.  This isn’t fun anymore.

I’ve made a few decisions – most of them while running.  I’m cutting back on the training as much as I can without setting myself up for injury.  My goal was to complete a half marathon and I know at this point that I’m well within reach of that goal.  The time in which I can finish it in no longer matters.  I’m not giving up!  I’m trying to find some balance.

Another decision is that this will be my only half marathon.  My About Me page is filled with energy and passion for this sport.  I want that back and believe that it’s still there, I just have to stop forcing it.  You can have too much of a good thing.  I need running to be fun so that I want to do it.  I need to do it to keep myself healthy mentally.

What did this week of training look like?

Sunday: Completed the scheduled 6 KM run

Monday: Skipped the scheduled 3.5 KM run and practiced yoga instead

Tuesday: Skipped the scheduled cross training but did some strength and core work

Wednesday: Let’s call the 5.87 KM run I did close enough to the scheduled 6 KM

Thursday: So much fun playing with my Kids Run Club group in the morning.  Evening was filled with a great local yoga class which was on the schedule.

Friday: Completed the scheduled 16 KM.  Was great until the 12 KM mark and then…ya know what?  Doesn’t matter how sloppy it got,  I freaking ran 16 KM for the first time ever!  I’m going to let myself be proud of that one!

Saturday: Rest day completed.  Not by choice.  As I mentioned, the sloth energy level is very real and more so after the long run.  I spent the day trying to balance the nausea caused by exhaustion and getting enough food in to replace all I had depleted.  Blisters, busted toe nails and pain from various parts of my body were all tended to as best I could.  I literally could only stay awake for about 2-3 hours before a cat nap was required.  Fun day, eh?

This coming week will look a lot like this past week including two 6 KM runs, lots of yoga plus some strength and core work but the long run is being cut back to the 10 -12 KM mark for this week.  Hoping to give my body a chance to catch up.

This journey is certainly allowing me to discover so much about myself and who I want to be.  I knew that this would be hard physically but the challenges I have faced mentally can sometimes take me by surprise…..this week was a roller coaster one!

2017 Race Season

Blue Nose 2017 – 10 km (1:02:38)

Salmon Festival (July) – 5 km with my daughter, Ashlyn!!!

Maritime Race Weekend (September) – 5 km Sunset and Half Sunrise (First Half!)

Legs for Literacy (October) – 10 km

Namaste and Happy Running!


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