Half Marathon Training – Week ?? Recap ( 53 days to go!)

Happening, just a little jumbled up!

That’s probably the best way to describe the training at the present moment.  Now that the beautiful weather of summer is here, our family has been soaking up every moment we can of it before it quickly leaves us.  Our days have been filled with days on the Halifax Waterfront, playing on Heather Beach, hosting our annual Christmas in July backyard family movie night for the neighborhood and just spending time outside sitting on our back deck with friends.  Race training is a little thin right now.

I’ve kept up with my long runs and at least one other shorter run during the week.  I’ve been doing better with the heat overall and have found ways to stay fueled on my long runs.  I am not able to sustain myself on gels, beans or other sports supplements but have been eating Fruit to Go and/or parts of Clif Bars on walk breaks with success.  Yeah!

Core work, strength training is thrown onto the end of yoga sessions with half ass efforts to say that I’ve done it.  Yoga is something that finds place in my day, regardless of the training or family schedule.  My love for yoga continues to grow with each practice! Cross training is non-existent still, unless of course I want to count the steps accumulated while exploring with the family or the playing and being silly in the backyard with the children in my Kids Run Club.

Yep, I started up a Kids Run Club for some kids for the neighborhood and we are having the best time!  A couple mornings a week, we start with some basic warm ups, go for a walk / run through the neighbourhood, play some fun games in the backyard including things like obstacle courses, pillow case races and some cooperative active games.  We then cool down and spend some quiet time on our yoga mats focusing on our breathing before we share all the beautiful and awesome things we know about the Runner of the Day.  The kids are having a blast.  I am having a blast.  We are being active and getting off our technology – all good!

So, training is still sort of moving forward and I am so totally okay with it.  I feel strong, I feel like I’m where I need to be, my body is responding as I thought it would to the increasing mileage, I smile a lot, I am having a great time – what more can you ask for?

Four the Love of it Moments

  1. So excited and thankful to be sharing the love of running with the kiddos in the neighbourhood.  The smiles!  You can’t beat the smiles or giggles of children!
  2. So grateful to have the support of family and friends who meet me at the track in the middle of my long runs for a couple KM’s.
  3. Still loving this gorgeous warm weather.
  4. Family time – pure and simple – doesn’t matter where, when or what we are doing.  It’s always the best!  (Even when Hubby misses our exit and adds extra driving to our trip!)

2017 Race Season

Blue Nose 2017 – 10 km (1:02:38)

Salmon Festival (July) – 5 km with my daughter, Ashlyn!!!

Maritime Race Weekend (September) – 5 km Sunset and Half Sunrise (First Half!)

Legs for Literacy (October) – 10 km

Namaste and Happy Running!


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