Seriously Exciting!

Two of my girls are racing with me at Maritime Race Weekend’s Sunset 5 km in September!!

If you have been following me, you know that I have been training with Ashlyn, our soon to be 14-year-old, for the past few weeks.  She and I are participating in a 5 km in my hometown on Canada Day and both of us are enjoying the time together as we work towards our goals.  I didn’t want to loose this positive momentum after July 1st, so I signed her up for the Sunset Race at Maritime Race Weekend this fall.  So to not overwhelm her with too many races on her plate, I didn’t tell her that I had registered her until this past weekend when we were spending time exploring Fisherman’s Cove (home of Maritime Race Weekend) with the family for Father’s Day.

I was wrong in my original fear of overwhelming her with too many races.  Having a second race on the schedule has actually removed some stress she was putting on herself regarding reaching ALL of her goals at the Canada Day race.  Now she has a couple shots and a lot more training time to see what she can do with a 5 km.

If this wasn’t exciting enough for this running mama, the plot has thickened!

Through a series of lucky and generous steps, our youngest daughter, Rebecca is now also signed up for the 5 km Sunset Race.  To say that she is proud to be part of this would be the largest understatement ever!  She received a Maritime Race Weekend hat at a promotional event and she has not taken it off since.  SERIOUSLY!  This hat has been to show and share at school, has stayed on her head while she slept at night, and everywhere in between.  She is bombarding me with training and healthy eating questions from her interesting 8-year-old point of view!

I LOVE all this for many reasons…..

  1. My girls are on a path to healthy living through an encouraging sport.  So awesome!
  2. They are learning how to set goals, stay committed, encourage others as we train together, and adapt to challenges sent their way.  Great life lessons!
  3. I am able to spend quality and fun time with two of my kiddos doing something that I love and I’m hoping that we will all love together for a long time to come!

Let’s add some icing to the cake!  Rebecca will be guest blogging about her training as we progress through the summer.  This, ladies and gentleman, could get interesting!


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