Half Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

Just typing Half Marathon Training makes me so happy.  I love that I have found my passion for the sport again and have found my way on the journey to the half.

Training has settled into a routine that seems to be working well for me and the family.  I have always loved doing my long runs on Friday and taking Saturday as a rest day so I can focus on the family’s needs.  This makes for a natural restart of the week, for the family and the training, on Sunday….so that’s where I’ll begin!

Sunday: 5 km

  • Woke up with a lot of energy and decided to challenge myself to a speedy (for me) run.  My goal was to finish in 30 minutes.  Final time was 29:45!  Total confidence boost!

Monday: 3 km plus cross training or strength

  • My 13 year old is training for her first race on July 1st.  We went for a 3 km run where she led the pace and walk breaks.  I have to say that it was my favorite training run to date.  I love sharing my love for this sport with the people I love the most – that’s a whole lot of LOVE!  The cross / strength never happened – I was too busy hanging with my new running buddy.  πŸ™‚

Tuesday: Yoga (added strength)

  • I have finished the beginners class at the local yoga studio but have decided to continue to practice there occasionally.  Dropped in for a great morning class.
  • Was feeling great when I got home, so I did the strength training I missed Monday before having an awesome healthy lunch.

Wednesday: 5 km 4 km

  • Ran with my daughter again today following her pace and walk break needs.  It was a warm and fun 4 km for Global Running Day.

Thursday: 30 min cross plus strength

  • Little short at 23:30 minutes of bike riding.  OK, so I have not been on a bike since I was a kid until just recently.  I have been out a few times and HOLY BATMAN, IT IS HARD WORK!  There are so many hills, too many hills.  I may die from trying to pedal up a hill in the near future.  Just walking to the shower after the bike ride was hard enough, so strength training did not happen!!  I need to rethink this schedule until the biking gets easier like @andreajskinner has ensured me it will!

Friday: 9 km

  • Spent the whole day saying that it was too rainy to run but started to crave the run.  Put supper in the oven and went for my run.  I was soaked through and loved every moment of it!  I have come to love the long slow runs more than the short speedy ones.

Saturday: Rest

  • Having rest day on Saturday is an awesome plan when you wake to a beautiful day!  Besides doing groceries and giving the house a little tidy up, I slept in, had a nap on the back deck, listened to some Eva Cassidy, hung out and played games with friends all evening. Can we say milking it?  πŸ˜‰

First week of training complete!  I am feeling strong (except when on a bike) and am so excited that Ashlyn is running with me.  I know that I did not hit all my goals as planned this week, but they were close enough.  At this point it’s about staying consistent and getting the kilometers building.  This, I suspect, will become harder once school ends in a couple weeks and summer vacations begins.

Four the Love of it Moments

  1. Enjoyed watching Rebecca’s progress at swimming lessons this week.  As an adult who can not swim, I am so thankful that all four of my children can swim.  It totally freaks me out, however, to see her practicing jumping into the deep end of the pool.
  2. So thankful for the few warm and beautiful days this past week.  Enjoyed just sitting on the back deck with Hubby during his lunch breaks.
  3. Love that we have finally found an answer to my daughter’s constant stomach pain.  She has been on a gluten free diet for just over a week and we are already seeing improvements.  Makes this Mama’s heart happy – super happy!
  4. Despite the fact that my front deck takes a beating when they do it, I love when my 17 year old and his buddies play hockey in the driveway.  It is so hard to get teens active and decrease their screen time.  Makes me happy to see them having fun and being active.


2017 Race Season

Blue Nose 2017 – 10 km (1:02:38)

Salmon Festival (July) – 5 km with my daughter, Ashlyn!!!

Maritime Race Weekend (September) – 5 km Sunset and Half Sunrise (First Half!)

Legs for Literacy (October) – 10 km

Namaste and Happy Running!