Global Running Day

What an awesome day!

Spent a little time reflecting on this great sport and all its awesomeness this morning.  So many were sharing why they began running, what motivates them to continue running, what their bucket list goals were and such on social media.  I have to say that when it comes to my running journey, I’m in a pretty awesome spot.

I have my team – two passionate running friends in two different provinces, but the three of us have each other’s back like nothing else when it comes to running.  We chat daily, often offering advice, encouragement, kicks in the pants and a whole lotta love.

I am feeling great physically – Goodness, I hope that doesn’t jinx me but I have been injury free for a while and am feeling stronger than I ever have.  Not only does running keep me strong physically but mentally as well.  It allows me to really live the life I want to.

I have family support – my husband and kids listen to my endless talk about running, adapt to my schedule and have come to the track to make what I love something that the whole family can participate in.

I have friends that support me all along the way like my cutest little 4 year old friend, Wendy, who is at all of my finish lines with tons of stories to tell me.  Her Mom is pretty incredible to take the family to the finish line to cheer me in.  I’m lucky to have so many near and far cheering me on.

I have an amazing community of people I’ve never met, sharing their passion for this sport with me through social media.  This is still so bizarre and awesome at the same time.  I totally look forward to Anna B’s (@runanninarun ) summary of her early morning run adventures, Melinda Howard’s (@MelindaHoward4) puns that crack me up every time, Colleen’s (@runhappy72) smile and positive words that turn your day around, the amazing miles that everyone runs every day, the gorgeous views from runs shared from around the world and this great feeling that there is a supportive group of like minded folks who have each others backs and only want the best for each other.  The rest of the world could learn a lot from a group of runners.

I have a bucket list of running goals that I am slowly ticking off.  I am blessed to be able to run.  It has brought so much positivity into my life.  Most recently, I have been running with my 13 year old daughter.  I knew this would be a fun time with her but it has become so much more.  I still can’t find the words to describe how freaking cool it is to run with her, to watch her fall in love with this incredible sport, to watch her confidence bloom when she reaches new distances or paces.  Ending Global Running Day with a 4 km run with her was the best!

Happy Running Everyone!


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