Half Marathon Plan

Did you see that title?

I started my blog in September of 2015 after finishing a fun weekend at Maritime Race Weekend, to record my path to my first half marathon the following year.  As I have shared since then, things didn’t go as planned.  I was faced with injury and health issues that took my journey to that first half marathon on a wrong turn.

Well, I wouldn’t say a wrong turn but maybe a more scenic route to the goal destination.  I was able to learn a lot about myself and running along the way – so the wrong turn proved useful.

My internal GPS has recalculated, I have found my focus and things are getting real.  I have moved past my emotional roller coaster ride that was the 2017 Blue Nose 10 km race and am full of drive to achieve this goal I set so long ago. (Click for recaps of the roller coaster ride: Preparing, Race, Crash)

Training began officially this last Friday.  I have followed Hal Higdon’s training plans over the last few years but the training plans for the half were just not going to work for me.  Here’s the great thing about being injured – I know me and my limits…. REALLY WELL.  I woke up with a new found confidence in my running knowledge when this new month began.  I literally woke up June 1st and said enough of this negativity, self-doubt, and silly wasted energy.  What’s done is done – time to move on!

So, where does this leave me?  Well, if a new runner were to ask me for advice, I would give the standard reply – stay consistent, increase speed OR distance slowly, listen to your body and have fun.  I’m going to do something crazy, just crazy, and take my own advice and am tweaking the half marathon plan from Hal.

The beginner plan had a last long run of 16 km.  I realize that the excitement of the day can push you to the 21.1 km on race day but my bummed knee won’t care how excited I am.  That’s adding too much distance at one time for me.  If I want my knee to hold me up and not get super cranky with me, I can only add a couple kilometers a week to my long run.  Adjustment one: Start earlier and allow time for building of more kilometers.  That means that I am officially in Half Marathon training.  I am so freaking excited about it!  I have waited a long time for this!!

Four the Love of it Moments

  1. Went for a Sunday morning run to see if I could sub 30 on a 5 km.  It has been years since I have.  Totally did it!  29:45!!
  2. Had a great evening at the track with the family on Friday.  Love seeing everyone active.
  3. Planted our backyard gardens with Ashlyn.  Just a few more items to add.  Can’t wait for our yummy veggies to grow!
  4. So freaking proud of my friend Vanessa (you can read about her here!).  She completed her first marathon in Calgary last weekend!  WHOOT WHOOT!  This weekend she tested for and received her blue belt in Tae Kwon Do!  She’s so inspiring!

2017 Race Season

Blue Nose 2017 – 10 km (1:02:38)

Salmon Festival (July) – 5 km with my daughter

Maritime Race Weekend (September) – 5 km Sunset and Half Sunrise

Legs for Literacy (October) – 10 km





6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Plan

  1. Very exciting to be running your first half, congrats!! I did something similar with the Hal half plan, got close to 12 miles on my longest run–just more comfortable for me. Good luck with your training and have fun!


      • Thank you!

        The most important piece of advice would be to not let training for a half make you forget that you enjoy running. Make sure to still have fun and enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy it it isn’t worth it.

        The biggest piece of advice that I learned was it is important to actually take the easy days easy! I ran every run at the same pace. Big mistake. By week 10 I was constantly fatigued and by week 15 I was burnt out. Luckily I still managed to pull through 17 weeks of training and the race, but I learned my lesson.

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