Blue Nose 2017 Recap

Oh My Goodness!!!  I started this post and ended up rambling on about every detail.  It was quickly turning into a book!  So this is take two – a quick highlight real of the Blue Nose weekend 2017.  I’ll share more details about some of these points later in the week!


  • Hit the expo early because I was just so excited to have a bib with my name on it again.  Also wanted to wander around to get the lay of the land for Saturday’s volunteering job.
  • LUCKED OUT with timing as John Stanton was giving a pre-race advice talk while I was there.  This was my first time meeting him – he is such a positive and sweet person!  Does he ever not smile?
  • Spent the day with my head in the clouds and energy flying out of me.  Washed EVERY piece of running clothing I own so I would be prepared.  Drove everyone around me ( and friends on social media ) crazy with my Blue Nose sharing.


  • Up before the alarm bursting with energy!  Unfortunately, it was mostly nervous energy.  I am SUPER anxious about new situations and having to speak to folks I don’t know.  Literally was sweating bullets and almost regretting signing up to volunteer.  This is the EXACT reason I did sign up though!  To provide myself opportunities to grow as a person.  To challenge myself, create success and get over the barriers that hold me back from opportunities that I want in life.
  • Visited the expo with my pal, Valerie who would be volunteering with me.  My plan of venturing around as a nervous, shy runner the day before was paying off.  I felt more comfortable in the environment, allowing us to have great conversations with the vendors.
  • Volunteered at the Race Kit Pick Up for the Half Marathoners.  Ok, I totally had motives for picking that table!  ONE: I would have loved the opportunity to meet Johana but later found out he had been in the evening before.  TWO: My bestie, Michelle, that I don’t see very often, would be in to pick up her kit.  I’d surely be able to squeeze in a quick chat and big squeeze!  THREE:  My next big race is my first ever half marathon.  I wanted to surround myself with people who had been through the training, I wanted to see and hear how they were feeling.  I knew I would find encouragement from them.
  • Volunteering was awesome, fun, inspiring and hey, we even ended up in the 2017 Blue Nose Recap video!
  • Valerie and I made a mad dash for the finish line as soon as our shift was completed to watch the 5 k’ers.  Man, I love the finish line.  It never gets old.  NEVER becomes less inspiring.  It was, however, freezing and we were pooped.  An hour or so and we headed home
  • Complete exhaustion.  Loss of confidence.  Upset belly.  Doubt, doubt and more doubt.  It was a rough evening.  I even, for a few minutes, considered not running in the morning as my head swirled trying to prepare for the mornings race.  It was bad.


  • Alarm clock was unnecessary.  After a horrible sleep and no relief from the doubting every decision I made, I simply went through the motions.  This never happens!
  • Pre-race mixer.  AKA time to stress even more!  I finally sat down in the stands of the ScotiaCenter and tapped into some yoga tools to get my shit together.  I spent some time centering, being present and letting go of the rest.  My almost daily practice of breathing techniques was well appreciated in that moment.  I stood up and walked to the finish line in a completely different state.  I was finally ready to race.
  • I had a race plan days before, doubted it, made a new plan, doubted that one and when I arrived at the start line my plan was simple – run.
  • I shocked the pants off myself in the first few KM’s by maintaining a COMFORTABLE under 6 min/km pace.
  • I walked the hills in Point Pleasant Park – first time EVER walking in a race!
  • Hit the 5.7 KM check point with a 5:57 min/km pace.  Ummmmm, even before my head went on a horrible detour, I was thinking that a 6:30 pace would be a fair goal.  Talk about a burst in confidence!!
  • Cruised through the rest of the race and was actually sad by the time I hit the 9 KM mark that it would soon be over.  I was feeling like I could run forever.
  • Crossed the finish line with a clear mind, a renewed faith in myself and training, a pure love for racing, feeling strong and enjoying the ride.  Any left over negativity was lost along the route.
  • Official chip time of 1:02:38!  Third 10 KM in the books and a smile on my face!


    Michelle and I. Blue Nose 2017

What a weekend of growing, accepting and accomplishing.  This week will be about processing it all, giving this body tons of time to recover (I’m NOT repeating last years mistakes!) and taking care of my family.  Next week, I figure out how to get myself ready for my first half marathon.  It is so going to happen this year!

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