What Does Your Pacific Look Like?

On the recommendation from someone on the Run Like A Girl Community Facebook page, I watched Loosing Sight of Shore a couple evenings ago on Netflix.  It is an emotional documentary following a team of four women rowing across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia.  It was so incredible to watch the women dig deep, discover who they really were and where their personal limits lay only to then push past them.

They were sleep deprived, eating only rehydrated foods, dealing with extreme weather and temperature, and living literally on top of each other for nine months.  They were tested physically as they rowed all day and night in two hour shifts.  I get physically nauseous when thinking of the sleep deprivation and the sore muscles that were never recovered from the previous rowing shift.  They were tested mentally as they dealt with set backs, missing loved ones, only having a flaky satellite radio to contact the rest of the world, or when they received emotional news from home.

These women are incredible.

As their tag line says though, “Everyone has a Pacific to Cross”.  Although their journey is an extreme one, we all have challenges in life that force us to find our limits, stare them down, dig deep into the power of the human spirit and find the way to push forward.  Some of these challenges are chosen for us – illness, crisis or disasters for instance.  Some of these challenges we choose ourselves, like the women who were crew on the Doris.  We are able to discover who we really are when challenged.  We are able to grow.  We are able to grab life by the horns and experience amazing things.  Can you imagine watching the sunset from the middle of the Pacific?  Amazing!

It is inspiring to watch these women and to take a moment to pause and ask ourselves, “What does my Pacific look like?”.


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