Dive In!

I have been attending a weekly beginner’s yoga class at a local studio.  Even though I have been practicing yoga for over a year, I have not attended many classes outside those offered at the gym or parent-child classes with my 8-year-old.  To really explore the unique translations offered by different yoga teachers, I set a personal goal to step out of my comfort zone and attend as many classes as possible.  Starting with a beginners 8-week course seemed like a logical first step.

The first few classes offered an accepting environment and the very basic beginnings of movements, postures, meditation and breath exercises.  Just little tastes of what yoga offers, with many openings for the student to take what served them best and to leave the rest.  To allow each of us to find own foundation on own personal journey with yoga.  It was beautiful, easy, empowering, and created tender spaces within for personal exploration.


Each class has built upon those beginnings and are starting to challenge me in every way.  During this week’s savasana, the teacher read the poem MAYBE NOT by Danna Faulds.  The poem reminds us that we must have courage and to just dive into new situations that we wish to be part of.  I first dove in to yoga by asking a yogi friend to guide me.  I dove further by practicing with friends in the backyard while we were led by online videos.  I dove even further by signing up for these classes.  Each time I began a new stage, it was up to me to take a deep breath and let go of all the “what if’s” and just dive.

The drive home from class gave me time to reflect on how all our journeys begin – with hesitation and self doubt but also with courage.  To reach our goals we must have courage to put ourselves out there and to step outside our comfort zones.  To allow ourselves the opportunity to grow, achieve, learn and along the way, discover ourselves.

What a great lesson to take off the mat and into the world!

Maybe Not

Begin somewhere.

Take one deep breath

and dive.


Plunge into the core

of your most persistent fear,

or your greatest joy.


Grow comfortable

with the act of exploration. 


Well, maybe not comfortable,

but confident of

your ability to be

sure footed

on slick rocks,


while the winds gust.


Well, maybe not confident,

but willing to set out

despite persistent doubts,

breathing your way into whatever you are facing.


Well, maybe not even all that willing,

but you take it anyway,

that first step into the unknown.


Courage is starting

where there is no secure outcome,

no sure result.


The secret is

you can begin at any time.


Take one deep breath and dive.


~Danna Faulds

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