Finding my Groove.

There are a few moments that let me know that race season is here and that training is in full force.  These moments are priceless and I’ve experienced two in the last week.

The first moment happened during last Friday’s long run.  It was my first run in two weeks because I had been hit by a nasty cold bug that knocked me right off my feet.  I put on my sneakers with the intention of just getting it done, preparing myself for many walk breaks and a struggle.  But that totally didn’t happen!  My consistent training before the cold from H – E – double hockey sticks was strong and the run was FAR easier than I expected.  I actually completed what I had in my original training schedule with no big huge extra efforts to catch up.  I was so freaking happy!

Training had my back during a little bump in the road – awesome sauce!


Training plan was 7.2 km at 7:30 pace.  Boom! Take that cold bug!

The second moment happened this week during a run.  I stopped thinking about the running.  You know that moment when you clue back into the reality that you have just been running and kicking ass without really thinking about it?  Something draws your attention back to the activity – for me, it was my Garmin letting me know that another kilometer had passed.  “Say what?  How did that happen?  Another km already?”

I was simply enjoying the ride – the consistent stride of warmed up legs that love to run, the heart beat and breathing of a perfect pace, the entire body in its form to allow for movement with strength and relaxation at the same time, smile on the face and a mind that is so in the moment.  That right there, is my golden moment.  The moment that allows me to let my running confidence take hold, the moment that fuels me for the day ahead, my own little moment of perfection in a hectic world.

Oh yeah, this season is going to be a good one!  I can feel it!


  1. Celebrating our son’s 17th birthday with friends and family.  So proud of the gentleman he has grown to be.  His heart is generous and he is absolutely hilarious! Never a dull moment with him!
  2. Watching another one of my girls fall in love with the artistry and skill of figure skating at Stars on Ice.  What an amazing show as always!
  3. Sharing the wood turnings created by my Dad with family and friends.  Talented guy he is.

Upcoming Races!

Bluenose, May 2017 – 10 KM.

Salmon Festival Race, July 2017 – 5 KM

Maritime Race Weekend, September 15 and 16, 2017 – 5 KM and Half Marathon.

Valley Harvest, October 2017 – Possibility… 🙂


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