October 26th, 2016 – Wednesday Weekly Update – Rebuilding.

Training is awesome!  Seriously, things are coming back much faster than I thought they would and it’s leaving me wondering if it’s safe to say I can start setting goals beyond just wanting to run a bit again.  I’m scared to jinx this progress and do something that will hurt me but I think it’s time to quiet that little negative voice.  

My folks were in town this past weekend for our youngest daughter’s 8th birthday party but I still managed to sort of stay on track with the training despite the busy weekend.  I seem to be handling the scheduling challenge better each week, so what should I be doing next?  My mind thinks that I should be on a strict training plan for a specific distance but my heart is reminding me that if I am to stay healthy and enjoying the sport I so love, then what I’m doing now is just fine.  So I’ve set my goals for next week accordingly.  I will get in three runs but limit them to my already achieved 4 km distance.  I’m just going to hang out at this distance for a bit and hopefully more of the walking breaks will be replaced with running.  I will go to the gym twice but devise a plan before I go so I don’t wonder around overthinking what I should be doing and as always, I will continue with some yummy yoga sessions.



  • 2 x stationary bike, elliptical, stairs or circuit (30 minutes) √√
  • 1 x walk (30+ minutes) ⊗
  • 2 x runs (3.5 km) √√
  • 3 x yoga √√⊗


  • Yoga with Adriene – Side Body Flow


  • Rest – AKA lazy day.


  • Gym day: 15 minutes on the fun elliptical.  I mentioned this machine in my last post and didn’t know what it was called.  I asked at the gym and was told it was just an elliptical with extra bells and whistles.  Bells and whistles are fun I guess!  I also attacked some of the circuit that GoodLife has set up.  I only tried a few of the upper body options.  Starting small.
  • 20 minutes on my yoga mat


  • Rest day – sort of!  Does an 8-year-old rock climbing birthday party count?  Had a blast but was exhausted at the end of the two hours.  Working the ropes for 9 little girls can be more demanding than you would think!


  • 4 km run in 30:39 minutes.  Crazy windy day but it was still so awesome to run.  Distance is slowly creeping up but the pace remains the same at last week.
  • Yoga with Adriene – No Fear Yoga.  Great session to help with letting go and surrendering as well as trusting yourself and just going for it.  Try this one, folks!


  • Gym day: 20 minutes on the stairs which I discovered is way harder than the stepper machine.  I learned that I do not do well at the gym at supper time as it is just too busy and overwhelming.  Called it a day after the stairs (even though I really wanted to leave as soon as I entered the gym so yeah for me for sticking it out!) and headed home to do some strengthening work – squats, planks, core yoga moves, etc…


  • 3.16 km in 21.55 minutes.  Lovely run where I didn’t wear the ear buds and crank the tunes but rather soaked in all that fall has to offer on a simply gorgeous trail run.  The run felt great and my pace dropped from the 7:30 I was consistent with last week to 6:56.  Everything is just coming back naturally and I am loving it.

Next Week’s Goals:

  • 2 x stationary bike, elliptical, stairs or circuit (30 minutes)
  • 3 x runs (4 km max)
  • 3 x yoga


  1. Celebrating our daughter’s 8th birthday with friends and family.  She just lights up the room!
  2. Watching our son score a goal and get an assist while my dad watched on.  Cool moment.
  3. So proud of my dear friend, Michelle, for finishing the Legs for Literacy Half Marathon race in 2:04!  She’s awesome!
  4. Loved spending a few minutes in the crisp fall morning air watching Rebecca and Puppy run through the leaves before she headed to school.  Great way to start a day!


Bluenose, May 2017 – Distance to be determined.

Salmon Festival Race, July 2017 – 5 km

Maritime Race Weekend, September 15 and 16, 2017 – Distances to be determined.

Valley Harvest, October 2017 – Distances to be determined.


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