October 19th, 2016 – Wednesday Weekly Update

Another good week of training in the books!

My biggest challenge right now is fitting the training back into the daily schedule.  I’m still trying to find the spot in the day that works best for me yet still respects the family responsibilities I have.  Even though our house is crazy busy all the time, the schedule is slowly working itself out.

Training felt good this week – I really missed that post work out burn and energy lift while I was injured.  This week did not have an activity that was so challenging that I became frustrated and my body is finally finding it’s groove again.  I don’t feel quite as clumsy in my own skin as I did when I first returned to training, which is so awesome!

Slow and steady positive progress!

I did not achieve all my weekly goals but came pretty close with only missing one gym day and one yoga session.  I had to take two back-to-back rest days in order to survive being a woman (Advil, heating pads and junk food got me through!) and had I not been under the weather, I would have been well within reach of achieving my goals.  This is giving me confidence that I have laid out a good plan for my rebuilding stage.  I do however, need to make sure that the gym is not missed too often so I can keep up with the cross training.

This week my goals will remain the same as last week, and will continue too, until I can complete them with ease.  I am still slightly hesitant about adding too much too soon.  Lessons learned the hard way tend to stick!



  • 2 x stationary bike, elliptical or stairs √
  • 1 x walk √√
  • 2 x runs √√
  • 3 x yoga √√


  • 20 minute walk with Hubby.  Great time to chat without any interruptions.
  • Yoga with Adriene Side Body Flow.  Enjoyed this one so much last time that I gave it another go.


  • 3.5 km run in 26:45.  Really enjoying running again!


  • Rest


  • Rest


  • 15 minute walk with Hubby.  I find it funny that once I start running, I use time to measure walks and distance to measure runs.  Not sure why!


  • Gym Day: 4 km on stationary bike for 23 minutes.  Was bored to death so I jumped on the step machine for 10 minutes and climbed 31 floors.  The stepper machine was not fun but the machine next to it looked too cool not to try.  I still have no idea what it is called, but I spent 10 minutes on it trying out all the features.  It was fun and I’m sure I’ll be back on it.  Next time I’ll ask someone what the heck it’s called!
  • Yoga with Adriene – Yoga for Beginners – The Basics.  It was nice to spend some time tweaking some basic poses.  This one will become a regular in my playlist.


  • 3.51 km run in 26.23.  Pretty consistent with Thursday’s run.  Looks like a 7:30 pace is where I’m starting.  I’ll take it!

Next Week’s Goals:

  • 2 x stationary bike, elliptical, stairs or circuit (30 minutes)
  • 1 x walk (30+ minutes)
  • 2 x runs (3.5 km)
  • 3 x yoga



Look who’s holding the keys! Off to their first game of the season.

  1. Enjoyed watching Hubby coach his first ever game.  Our son’s team is going to have an awesome hockey season!
  2. So lucky that we have large windows on the back of our home to watch the full moon rise over the tree tops.  It was gorgeous this week!
  3. Grateful for the amazing warm weather!  Mother Nature is giving me a little extra time to get the routine back in place before slamming us with winter.  I so appreciate it!
  4. Loved that Rebecca achieved the homework goals she set out for herself.  Math fact practice is paying off and her smile of pride was awesome!



Bluenose, May 2017 – Distance to be determined.

Salmon Festival Race, July 2017 – 5 km

Maritime Race Weekend, September 15 and 16, 2017 – Distances to be determined.

Valley Harvest, October 2017 – I’m in!

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