October 12th, 2016 – Wednesday Weekly Update

I went 115 days without going outside and pressing RUN on my Garmin but that all changed this week!  I RAN!!  OUTSIDE!!  FOR REAL PEOPLE!!  So exciting!

I’ve been doing some thinking about my return to running and have decided to go back to the beginning.  Well, the stress fracture kind of put me back at the beginning physically, but I’m talking about going back to what worked in the beginning of my running journey, when I was injury free.

First step was returning to the Nike Pegasus shoe that I wore during my first couple race seasons.  So far, so good on that decision.

Second step was deciding how to get back into running.  Do I start a Couch to 5 program?  Are there programs that post injury runners usually follow?  There may be, but I’m starting the running again with my very basic system that I used waaaay back.  I use my playlist to determine when to walk or run while I build back up.  I walk to warm up to the first song or two on my playlist, then I run when a new song comes on until I can’t sing along.  At that point, I return to a walking pace and wait for the next song before I start running again.  If I’m still not able to sing along when the new song starts, then I walk that song and wait for the next song before attempting to run again.  It’s a pretty crude version of a learn to run program that worked for me when I first started so I’m trying it again.  So far, so good.

Third step is being patient with where I am and removing expectations.  I am just running for the fun of it now and even though I have races in my sights for 2017, we will see how things are going at the time and make decisions accordingly.  I am not running just to race, I’m running for all the reasons I spoke about in my About Me page of this blog.  Back to the basics and keeping it simple.  At the end of the day, the most important thing is to keep me injury free.



  • 2 x Stationary Bike √
  • 3 x Yoga √√
  • 3 x Walks √√√√ (Hey!  That last check was a RUN!)


  • Yoga with Adriene – Third Chakra Yoga at my pal Julie’s house.
  • 4.52 km trail walk with my pal Valerie in 54 minutes.



  • 4.02 km walk with my buddies Shannon and Rebecca at the track.  Felt so awesome and the new shoes were just begging to run, so I tried a couple 100 m runs.  Still feels awesome and no pain.  Building up some confidence to run again.
  • 20 minutes of post walk stretching.


  • Rest


  • 3.22 km Run in 28.47  Got to start somewhere!
  • 20 minutes of post run yoga stretching.


  • Thanksgiving rest day.


  • 20 minutes on the bike at the gym.
  • 10 minutes on the elliptical at the gym (First time ever – what a contraption!)
  • 5.09 km walk in 42 minutes with my buddy Shannon.

Next Week’s Goals:

  • 2 x stationary bike, elliptical or stairs
  • 1 x walk
  • 2 x runs
  • 3 x yoga


  1. Thankful for beautiful fall walks in the crisp air surrounded by gorgeous colors of the leaves.
  2. Loved the awesome family time at the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  We are hilarious.
  3. LOVED that I ran outside again.  I am so in love with this sport.
  4. Super proud of my pal, Vanessa, for finishing her second Half Marathon!  She inspires me to remember that we can do anything we put our minds to and to smile!



Bluenose May 2017 – Distance to be determined.

Salmon Festival Race  July 2017 – 5 km

Maritime Race Weekend September 2017 – Distances to be determined.

Ok, so everyone looked like they were having the best time at the Valley Harvest races this past weekend.  I may need to add this one!

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