October 5th, 2016 -Wednesday Weekly Update

This week was a busy time with my parents in from out of town, an in-service day and Sara’s 18th birthday party celebrations.  It was a great week, but our schedule was off and I’m still not established with a training schedule so the training derailed easily.  All in all, I did get some moving in and even experimented with running on the treadmill.

I promised myself I would do one minute only, just to feel things out, regardless of how good it felt once I started.  I really thought that it would be a challenge to stop after one minute, just like it’s hard not to stick your hand back in the cookie jar after you’ve tasted the yummy cookie, buuuuuut… NOPE!

It was so hard to just stay upright.  I am so unbalanced from wearing the boot for the 2 1/2 months and my left ankle is super weak.  I barely made it to the minute mark without fearing falling on my ass!  I’m sure I looked as uncoordinated as a little bird learning to fly. On the positive side, the biking is becoming easier and I’m not as winded during my walks…so all is not lost and I’ll give the running another go next week.

I’ve also been reading and re-reading Vanessa‘s latest guest blog that she has sent me since completing her first half marathon – what a journey!  Watch for it later this week!



  • 2 x Stationary bike – almost
  • 3 x Yoga – almost
  • 3 x Walks – accomplished!

Wednesday: 2.54 km walk in 27.44 minutes with Ashlyn.  Love hanging with the kids.

Thursday: 20 minutes of free styling yoga

Friday: Our daughter’s 18th birthday!  Spent the day baking cakes and celebrating her!

Saturday: Family spent the day at Noggin’s Farm!  10,000 steps on the farm alone!  Who knew corn mazes and apple picking could double as a work out?  Or that my teens play catch best with apples in a tree?  I totally should have turned my watch on at the beginning of the maze – it would have been cool!

Sunday: Rainy day and did nothing.  Oops!

Monday: Stationary bike for 6.2 km in 20 minutes.  Treadmill for 10 minutes with 1 minute of running thrown in.

Tuesday: Yoga with Adriene Revolved Side Angle Pose Foundations

Next Week’s Goals:

  • 2 x stationary bike
  • 3 x walks
  • 3 x yoga



Making cupcakes for Sissy.

  1. I’m thankful to be able to walk my kiddos home from school.  Great one-on-one chat time.
  2. Love that we live close to the city with all its perks but we are only a short drive away for a day in the country.
  3. Loved watching my husband begin his journey of his first coaching experience.  He and Bud will have a fantastic hockey year together.
  4. Loved having a cleaning party for one with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack cranked though the house.  “Nobody puts dust bunnies in the corner!”  I’m still cracking myself up over this one.


Salmon Festival Race – July 2017 – 5 km

Maritime Race Weekend September 2017 – Distances to be determined.

3 thoughts on “October 5th, 2016 -Wednesday Weekly Update

    • Have you tried the online yoga classes I talk about far too much? Having a home practice is convenient since it is in my schedule and I choose how long it will be depending on how the day is going.
      I am dying to get out running but at the same time, am terrified to be injured again…I’m thinking that finding the groove and trust for a sport that hurt me will take some time. I am hoping that this too is just a stage that passes quickly. Maybe this weekend’s Valley Harvest race will jump start your drive again!!


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