For the love of it…

Training has resumed and I am loving the feeling of working out again. I am loving hanging out with others while we support each other to reach our goals. I am NOT loving the realization of how much work I have to do to get back to where I was pre-injury.

I have been doing small amounts of training and everything hurts.  After two and half months of trying to do as little as possible to allow for healing, I really am back at square one.  At this point I think running is still a ways off, as I have a lot of strength to rebuild and stamina to find.  I am trying to be smart about it and not just jump into running with both feet like I am sooooooo wanting to do.

I am already thinking of races that I want to do and well, technically, am already signed up for since I deferred this year’s races.  I am so excited to start running again but I’m scared too.  I really don’t want to be injured again and I’m hoping that as my physical strength comes back, I will be able to trust my body again.  I really need to find my confidence with this sport again.



I’ve seen many runners share their weekly training plans versus what actually happened as a way of staying accountable.  Even though I don’t have that specific of a plan yet, and probably won’t for awhile, I thought I would start sharing as well as a way to see my own progress.  Right now, I’m testing waters and seeing how my body responds.  So this week’s training plan was to get on the stationary bike a few times, get in a few walks, keep up with my yoga and eat well.  I think I did great for my first week back!

Tuesday : Yoga with Adriene Side Body Flow & 20 minutes on the stationary bike at the gym.

Wednesday: Under 1km walk.  Not far but I wasn’t just strolling along.  I really went for a good walk up and down some hills to see how the leg would respond after all of the previous days activities.

Thursday: Yoga with Adriene Foundations and Flexibility & 2.18km walk in 33 minutes.

Friday: Rest day.  Every muscle in my body was complaining!  I’m planning on listening to my body this time around, regardless of what the training schedule says.

Saturday: 3.18km walk in 31 minutes (picking up the pace every day!) and some yoga stretching when I got home.

Sunday:  Woke with an itchy throat and sniffy nose.  Decided to take a day and do NOTHING.  It was wonderful!

Monday: First night back at the track with some awesome Mamas!!  3.18km walk in 32 minutes.  Felt so good to get back to the track but the temptation to run was huge!  First time I’ve been to the track after watching the Olympics – took us a little longer than Bolt and De Grasse’s 9 seconds to complete the 100m.  🙂

Tuesday: Hauled out the foam roller because muscles were tight and stiff.  Also spent 22 minutes on the stationary bike, although it left more like an hour!  Ooph!

Pretty good first week back.  I’m hoping that next week looks a lot like this one and I continue to get stronger.  I am not ready to increase the expectations on the week yet – I want to but it wouldn’t be smart just yet.


  1. Walking at the track, enjoying the company of friends and feeling the cool fall air on my face.
  2. Beauty and the Beast at Neptune Theatre to celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday.  It was so amazing that we are going again on Thanksgiving weekend with more family.
  3. My best friend from high school has just started her first couch to 5 program.  Fingers crossed I get to run with her someday!  So exciting to watch new runners begin their journey.
  4. Watching Rebecca enjoy her swimming lessons.  She simply shines with joy.

UPCOMING RACES: (So excited to type those words again!)

Salmon Festival Race – July 2017 – 5km

Maritime Race Weekend September 2017 – Distances to be determined.




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