“Have at it”

Best words that a sports doc could ever utter.

I was nervous that even though I was feeling great and hadn’t felt pain in forever and a day, that some wonky results would show from my scans.  He reviewed my chart, checked the leg and said, “You’re all good my dear.  You can have at it whenever you want to.”

“Running?  I’m allowed to run again?  Can I start right now and fly out of this office before you change your mind or read the fine print of the tech’s report from my scan?  Actually, I’m not sure if I could run right now because I just need to dance a happy dance first!”

I’m sure that I was still smiling from ear to ear when I left his office with instruction to take it slow and to not be stupid with my return to the sport I so love.  It feels so amazing to be on the other side of the stress fracture chapter in my journey of running.

The absolutely amazing thing that I received while injured was the time to appreciate. Time to appreciate both my health and those who surrounded me and encouraged me every step of the way.  I have been surrounded by people who have adjusted their schedules for me, dedicated time to check in on me, encouraged me every step of the way, kept me focused on the positive, loved me unconditionally and never let me loose sight of my goals.

My running team is absolutely amazing!

Thank you and let’s do this!

(and yes, that’s my Running Four Love logo hand drawn with Sharpies on Vanessa’s arm.  She was determined to have me with her during our her first half marathon!)