Restarting the Training

“Tend to your body – where you are today”.  Adriene, from Yoga with Adriene, often uses this phrase and today I really heard her – REALLY heard her.

With the energy building for Maritime Race Weekend in my daily personal interactions with friends, in my social media feeds and in myself, I have started to crave the feeling of working out again and preparing for a race.  I crave the feeling of strength and trust in my own body.

It’s been three months since my last run.  Over the last few months, I have only been doing some modified and easy yoga to keep my back functioning while I wore The Boot.  Today I made the decision to leave the bare minimum, limited, maintenance only exercising behind me and change my focus back to training.

I was given the perfect yoga session to start with!  The session I randomly chose from Adriene’s YouTube page, showed me exactly where I am today – it forced me to tend to my body and me as a whole.  About two thirds of the way through the session, I had reached my physical limit and found myself in Child’s Pose while Adriene continued with a flow and several more poses.  I couldn’t keep up.  I was starting to let it get to me.  I was feeling a little defeated.  I was being forced to take stock of where my physical body was, how easily my mental state was defeated, how easily my heart lost peace and how I was not perceiving myself as strong like I once did.  A lot of negative happened in that 30 seconds of a Child Pose.  The restarting of my training was ending as soon as it started.

Then, somehow, I was given exactly what I needed – Warrior Pose.

As soon as Adriene said the words, I felt lifted.  I have no idea why I connect with Warrior Poses as much as I do, but they totally change everything.  I pulled myself off the mat, got to my feet and found myself fiercely staring off the end of my fingers with a new determination.  Today I restarted my training.

Today I tended to me.

Today I remembered to accept my physical body where it is today.

Today I remembered that I decide to focus on the negative or positive in every situation.

Today I remembered to be kind to myself and allow the peace of the moment to be important.

Today I remembered that I am strong – inside and out.

Today I started training again.


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