New Race Day Plan.

So this coming weekend is Maritime Race Weekend.  The race where I was going to run my first half marathon.  It was going to be awesome!  Honest, I’d seen it play out in my head hundreds of times.  The starting shoot, the views of the coast line, the final turn into the finish line.

That’s not how this weekend is going to play out though.  I’m STILL waiting for my doc to give me results from August 8th bone scan.  Even though I had zero pain at the time of the scan, I was a good girl for a while longer and wore The Boot.  I wore it on vacation, to the beach (on a side note, I might know what astronauts feel like walking in space now that I’ve tried The Boot in the Northumberland Strait), to family events, and while keeping up with daily household chores.  Still with zero pain.  Well, except for the pain in my hips and back from having one foot in a boot higher than the other and walking without the use of my left ankle.

September 1st came and I had enough.  Still no pain and my leg, hips and back were getting weaker and weaker.  Standing in the shower without The Boot required concentration so I wouldn’t end up on my butt!  I decided to take The Boot off – it’s been off since then and that thing is not going back on!

I have been doing regular daily stuff but am still cautious.  Stairs are taken slowly, the furthest I go walking is to my daughter’s bus stop and running is still far off in the distance.  I’ve continued spending time on the yoga mat almost daily, not for long and really just to get my back and hips all stretched out and back on track.

So, Maritime Race Weekend.  The weekend I look forward to with great excitement.  The weekend I am still looking to with great excitement.  I will NOT miss it!

Once a pirate – always a pirate!

I will be in my favorite place in the world!  At the finish line watching dreams come true, goals being attained, and making lots of noise in celebration of my fellow pirate’s accomplishments!

To those racing – have fun, trust your training, be kind to yourself along the way and I’ll see you at the finish line!

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