40 Thoughts…

My 40th birthday can’t pass by without some reflection on my first 40 years and a look into all the possibilities that the next 40 plus years may hold for me.  Since I’m still in The Boot and recovering from a stress fracture, I have had plenty of time to process through and come up a list of 40 life lessons I have learned or am still trying to master.  Today I share with you my 40 life thoughts…

  1. Age is just a number. Turning 40 was sort of freaking me out a bit.  I’ve decided that it’s just a number and I really shouldn’t be scared of a number.  Really, I grew up learning numbers from The Count on Sesame Street, if they didn’t scare me then, why should they scare me now.  “40!  40 candles on the cake!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!”
  2. Enjoy the ride. Graduations, securing a good job, buying a house, starting a family, retiring, dream vacations, birthdays – all markers that you have arrived, attained, achieved or completed something.  These are all destinations on the journey of life.  Don’t forget to enjoy the ride between all the destinations.
  3. Smile!
  4. Know who you are now. Stop worrying about trying to be your future self today or spend time trying to relive your past self’s problems or triumphs.  Neither matter today.  Acknowledge the past as a learning tool and make a plan for an awesome future BUT love who you are today.
  5. Treasure the friends who treasure you. Authentic friends are never to be taken for granted.
  6. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. It’s hard.  Sometimes being brave enough to protect your own heart means you stand strong against the wind and sometimes bravery means you quietly turn your back on foolishness and walk away.
  7. Children should be protected at all costs.   Protect their tender hearts, guide their inner souls and encourage their smile.
  8. Cry…
  9. Stop every once in a while, and just soak it all in. We are always so busy doing something that life passes by before we even get a chance to see it.  Heads up folks!  The small moments are amazing.
  10. Get a pet you can cuddle. I never knew the joy, kindness, frustration, laughter, loyalty and love a pet could bring to a family until recently.
  11. Do for others. Little things, big things…doesn’t matter.  Be a positive in someone’s day.
  12. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, allow your schedule to have time for sleep, exercise, take care of your mental health, don’t skip medical check ups, read, spend quality time with friends and family, and drink lots of water.
  13. Have a don’t give a shit days every once in a while. Order in greasy take out, stay up too late and have a couple drinks, lay on the couch all day watching Netflix in your pj’s, don’t answer the phone, let the charge on your cell phone die, eat all the treats you want and feel ZERO guilt about any of it.
  14. Laugh.
  15. Find your passion. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t know what it is.  When the time is right, things will fall in place and it will be awesome.  Just don’t give up until you find it.
  16. Set goals. Small ones like “Today I will fold the laundry” and big ones like “Someday I’m going to run a full marathon”.  They keep you moving forward.
  17. Acknowledge that bad days are part of the big plan. Sometimes you create the bad days – these are called lessons.  Sometimes bad stuff just happens.  Sometimes it only effects you, sometimes it’s a bad day globally.  Be sad but be brave and know that we can make good days happen again.
  18. Play. With toys with a child.  Swing on the swing at the park.  Jump over waves at the beach.  Color or paint or build something.  Sing in the shower.  Dance in the summer rain.  Run through a sprinkler.  Build a snowman.  Go Pokemon hunting.  Make a puzzle.  Go sliding in the snow or down the slide at the playground.  Have fun and be silly.
  19. Eat meals at the table. Food is meant to be enjoyed not mindlessly consumed while we do a million other things.
  20. Learn to drive, ride the public transit system, and how to book your own travel arrangements. The world is huge!  I’m getting my passport because you never know where the world will take me.
  21. Sing!  In the car.  In the shower.  With friends.  In church.  While cooking supper.  If there is music – sing along.  If you don’t know the words, don’t worry about it.  When you find out that you have been singing the wrong words for decades, don’t worry about that either.
  22. Pray.  Meditate.  Send good vibes into the universe.  Whatever you label it doesn’t really matter, just know that there is something much bigger than you or I, that existed before us and will continue for a long time after our physical time on this planet is through.  Try to connect with that in a way that feels authentic for you.  Know that you have a positive purpose in the bigger picture.  Trust your gut – it’s the universe giving you guidance.
  23. Stop procrastinating. Organize your closets.  Finish projects.  I’m working really hard on this one!
  24. Work hard. Expect results from hard work.  Expect those around you to work hard.  Be proud of the hard work you do.
  25. Volunteer.  Coach your kid’s sports team, help out at school, donate blood, offer to organize office events, visit with seniors, or knit blankets for newborns.  Give of yourself with no expectation of anything in return.
  26. Know that you are a work in progress. From this list so far, I am currently working on improving #4, 12, 17, 20, and will probably always be working on #23.  It’s ok.  I may have areas I want to improve in me but that does not in any way, shape or form take away from how awesome I am today.  I’m also working on #26!
  27. Have a very best friend – I married mine. Try to see yourself with as much respect, love, patience and kindness as they see you.
  28. Call your parents/grandparents/guardians more often. Mom and Dad, I promise to do this one more often.  They’ve always had my back.  40 years of constant support.
  29. Sort your garbage. Take care of this pretty cool planet we have.
  30. The saying “You can’t fix stupid” is true. You can, however, choose to ignore.  If you can’t ignore, then limit your interaction to as little as physically possible and stay in your happy place.  Don’t get sucked into their misery.
  31. Appreciate.
  32. Think outside the box and create something new.
  33. Believe in yourself – we are always capable of far more than we think we are.
  34. Spend your money wisely. Invest in yourself – your education and your retirement.
  35. Admit when you’re wrong. That’s a tough one for me.  I’m a Leo and Leo’s are never wrong! 😉
  36. Find balance. Daily balance, relationship balance, work/recreation balance, personal physical balance.  Balance is key to peace.
  37. Use your manners. Please may you use your manners?  Thank you in advance.
  38. Accept help. I try and am getting better with this point.  This requires you to be vulnerable and allow others in.  We don’t need to be strong all the time.
  39. Learn something new. A musical instrument, a language or, as I am now, about the philosophies that helped form the yoga practices of today.
  40. Love life…’cause it’s pretty darn awesome.

Forty awesome years completed today!  Hope you all have as awesome a day as I’m sure to have!

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