Missed Race.

I was suppose to participate in the Salmon Festival Race this past weekend.  Instead, I slept in and had a hard time getting out of bed and keeping my shit together for the day.

I thought I was handling not running due to this stress fracture fairly well.  I have been busy keeping up with my family’s full schedule and since school ended, I have been thoroughly enjoying summer activities and the fabulous weather.  I gave up on the sooking a few days after the diagnosis and thought everything was going great for the cards I had been dealt.

And then race day happened.  Facebook showed video of the starting line – my starting line.  Twitter was lined with flat runners and Epic race updates.  It was race weekend everywhere and my day was going to consist of wearing an ugly walking boot and resting.  It hit me harder than I was ready for.

Tears.  They sneaked up on me all day long.  Seriously?  I will heal.  I will run again.  I am still loving life and having a great time.  Why was I choking up all day long?

Disappointment.  Frustration.  Hurt.  Anger.  These emotions would not be ignored any longer and had to be dealt with.  Usually, I would turn to running to process through these types of emotions.  The actual running, the heart pounding, the sweating and pushing hard physically works out that kind of crappy mood.  The time alone during the run allows for thinking time to figure out how to get through it all.  It always works for me and leaves me feeling balanced and strong at the end of the run.  All good until you can’t run.  I spent the day being fidgety and trying to figure out how to make it past what was hitting me so hard.  Luckily, Hubby swooped in and held me up for the day.  Constantly reminding me that I was still a strong runner and that dealing with injury is part of the game, not the end of it.

I have been patient with myself and am feeling far more balanced today.  I guess time does heal all wounds.  My next big hurdle is accepting that I will not be running at Maritime Race Weekend and should probably defer until next year.  Soon, I’ll do that soon – I just need a little bit more time.

Tonight is Mama Monday at the track.  I miss the girls and the track.  I am debating whether to go or not to cheer on some pretty awesome Mamas and maybe get a little yoga in.  I love running – 18 days since my last run.


Mama, her girl and The Boot chillin’ in the hammock.

Countdown to Races:

  • 10 km at Blue Nose Marathon! Completed!
  • 10 km at Salmon Festival – Missed due to Stress Fracture 😦
  • A bunch of days to Color Run 5 km (This is my competitive side trying to stay chill!)
  • 74 days until 5 km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 75 days until my first 21.1 km at Maritime Race Weekend

3 thoughts on “Missed Race.

  1. Oh no, not the boot!!!! What happened?
    I totally feel your pain, that was me last year. It’s so frustrating not being able to run due to injury. And, I totally get that feeling of missing a race you’ve registered for. Hang in there.
    Last year I got injured (for the second time) a week before MRW and ended up Volunteering – which was so awesome!
    Sorry to hear that you are injured.


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