Perspective. I got this!

It’s ok.  It’s safe to come in and read.  I’ve calmed down the pre-race nerves and jitters.  Thank you for tolerating my last venting post!  It did wonders for me to reread it and process the nerves.

I am excited and ready for Bluenose!  Plans are starting to fall together in regards to which activities I will be attending (there is so much to do at the Bluenose outside my actual race!) and I think focusing on those activities is putting things back into perspective for me!  I love the race environment itself.  The positive energy is so contagious.  I can feel it already through everyone’s posts on social media and I just love it!

I have decided on a time goal as well.  I want to be faster than my last training 10 km of 1:07 (which was actually 1:06 of moving time – darn red lights!).  I train on similar elevations to Bluenose and know the city, so I should be able to transfer my runs to the race.  I do have a plan that will allow me to have a good go at my PR time of 1:03.43 but am willing to bail on it if it just isn’t working on Sunday and will still be satisfied with my efforts.  Anything that may happen beyond that is out of my control and I am working on being prepared to accept it.

I am proud of myself right now – for the efforts I have put forth, the dedication to my health and goals, for sharing my love of this sport with others and watching their successes.  If I wasn’t able to run the race on Sunday, I would still be proud of me.  This race, even though it is part of a line of races I am training for, doesn’t define my successes, it’s just icing on the cake!

….and an awesome new medal!  😉

Countdown to Races:

  • 4  days until 10 km at Blue Nose Marathon!!!!
  • 45 days until 10 km at Salmon Festival
  • A bunch of days to Color Run 5 km (This is my competitive side trying to stay chill!)
  • 121 days until 5 km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 122 days until 21.1 km at Maritime Race Weekend