Passing the Torch.

My oldest daughter was at early registration for university this morning.  That statement takes a second to process.  As much as I know she’s ready, when it’s said or typed, it sort of gives me a reality check into how much life has already occurred.

Hanging out on campus while she was doing her thing was definitely throwing me some pretty awesome memories from when I was a student there a few decades ago.  Just after she and I parted ways this morning, I realized that I was standing in the exact spot I stood 21 years ago when I first saw Hubby.  One moment in time that completely changed the path of both our lives.IMG_0049 (2)

I  wandered around the campus for an hour, exploring new buildings and walking through the halls that were once my home for four years.  I remembered old friend’s faces, many who I have lost touch with over the years and wondered where they are now.  All the memories were filled with smiles and laughter.  It was a great four years.

My dear friend, Michelle, was all over the campus.  I couldn’t find a place anywhere on the campus where we didn’t share time.  I don’t remember actually meeting her but I’m assuming it was sometime during frosh week in September 1994.  She’s been an amazing support since.  Another person added to my life at the university that has made life so awesome!  Next weekend, we are both registered for the Bluenose 10 KM.  We have tried several times over the years to race together but life always got in the way.  We have 7 kiddos between the two of us now, so you can imagine how easy it is for our well laid out plans to get derailed.  Fingers crossed that we share a finish line next weekend!

I also had the opportunity today to spend some time chatting with a past professor.  One of my favorites actually.  I may not remember specific outcomes that we covered in any of the classes I had with her, but I do know that she challenged me to grow into a critical thinker, to trust myself, to aim for the moon, and accept nothing but my best efforts when tackling a project.  (Definitely skills that can be transferred to running!)  She still has the same passion and energy she did back then.   I was proud to introduce her to my daughter and am so thrilled that Sara will have the opportunity to learn from her.

Today feels like my chapter is writing it’s last few words while Sara writes her first sentences in a story we share.  I couldn’t be prouder and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes her.


My girl and I outside my old dorm room!

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