First Race of 2016 in 10 days!!

So exciting!  So nerve wrecking!  So awesome!

Training has been fun and productive since I stopped panicking about the pace I was keeping for every minute of my runs.  I feel strong again and am running at a pace I feel good about.  Of course, a little piece of me wants to be faster but for where I’m at in the season, it’s good and I’m proud of me.  I feel like I’ll be ready race day to have a good 10 km race.

I’ve only ever run longer than 8.5 km once in my life and that was during my only 10 km race at Maritime Race Weekend a few years back.  So, finishing the Bluenose in good shape will be an accomplishment.  I will of course be excited to see my time but am not aiming to beat my previous record or anything crazy.  Not this race anyway!  My next 10 km in July will definitely be an opportunity to see what I can do!

I am still loving yoga.  I can not believe how strong I am becoming by practicing regularly.  I have never had any upper body strength but now I am doing things with ease that surprise me!  Groceries are easier to manage, my 7-year-old (who just grew like a bad weed) is easy to lift and carry, and I can do push ups…finally!  What a boost to the self confidence when you know your body is strong and will support you in your daily activities!

Another boost to the confidence comes when you know your family supports you.  Mother’s Day was an awesome day of hanging out with the most beautiful people in the world and being spoiled to the max with amazing presents, including my first Garmin!  According to my children, I am showing my age because I am just in awe of what technology can do.  I’m getting a lot of “seriously” and “that’s been around for years, Mom” in response to me finding another cool feature and sharing it with them.   Despite my uncoolness, the love and support they show me through respecting my running is pretty darn sweet.

So my training summary for May looks a little wonky on my calendar because I was all over the board for a bit, but here it is:

  • 27 km running
  • Couple walks with friends at the local track
  • Hike through local forest with family on Mother’s day!
  • 7 online sessions of Yoga with Adriene but spent time on the mat most days doing my own thing and making cranky muscles less cranky
  • Some foam rolling to get the rest of the crankiness out of the muscles.
  • A most awesome rest day today after 9.25 hours of sleep!

I’ve also learned this week that when I get out of my own overthinking brain and just run, I am a much better runner.  Speeds were increasing and distances didn’t seem quite so hard as previous weeks but more importantly it was all so much fun!

Countdown to Races:

  • 10!  10 days until 10 km at Blue Nose Marathon (I totally read that in Sesame Street’s The Count’s voice!)
  • 51 days until 10 km at Salmon Festival
  • A bunch of days to Color Run 5 km
  • 128 days until 5 km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 129 days until 21.1 km at Maritime Race Weekend