Runners! They’re everywhere!

When I started running and racing a few years back, I only knew a few friends who ran regularly and a couple who had participated in a race of some distance.  My roommate from university and her husband were the only folks I knew who were regulars in the sport.  I turned to her for advice and guidance while I negotiated my way through this sport.

This week, everywhere I went (including the dentist and accountant’s office) the conversation quickly ended up being about running.  And no, it wasn’t just me rambling about my love for the sport.  The conversations were with folks who wanted to talk about running – how to start, what to do next, race recommendations.  Honest!

I personally love it.  LOVE IT!  Besides having willing participants in my running conversations, I love that friends are beginning and growing their journeys with this sport.  I love that they are taking care of themselves, enjoying it and looking forward to accomplish the goals they are setting out for themselves.  I love that they are stepping out of their comfort zone into a sport that has offered me nothing but positive support and personal rewards.

I love that the conversations are full of energy and passion, that worries are met with encouragement, and accomplishments with pride.  I love the positive energy it puts into the day.

I don’t know if there are more runners then there were five years ago when I started or if it is just that I am further into the running world but either way, this is awesome!

My training has also taken a step forward in a very positive direction.  Since my calf injury last fall, I have been worried that whatever I did to cause the injury would happen again.  I had highly suspected that my new sneakers were part of the problem but that was never confirmed.  Last week, I met with a podiatrist and we have found what we think is the problem!  My right foot rolls in way too much and I was told this could be the root of my calf problems.  She popped some orthotics into my sneakers and I crossed my fingers.  I am beyond happy to say that since the orthotics, I have had no calf problems on the right side.  Fingers crossed, touch wood, throw salt over your shoulder, do whatever superstitious thing you are suppose to do that this is the end of the problem.  I am so relieved!

I received another running boost in the mail yesterday!  My Maritime Race Weekend In-Training T-shirt arrived.  I will be wearing it with pride on my next run!  I have recommended to many folks that they sign up for Maritime Race Weekend this past week.  It is definitely the highlight of my season!  In case you are interested, I’ll just leave this here. ( )  If you register before April 30 you can pick your own awesome swag!


Despite turning a scheduled run into a walk to allow my feet time to adjust to the new orthotics, my training totals so far this month are:


Countdown to Races:

  • 26 days until 10 km at Blue Nose Marathon
  • 67 days until 10 km at Salmon Festival
  • A bunch of days to Color Run 5 km (This is my competitive side trying to stay chill!)
  • 144 days until 5 km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 145 days until 21.1 km at Maritime Race Weekend

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