Exciting Spring.

I have had a hard time writing this blog entry because I don’t even know where to start.  Life has been full of excitement and running!

Most recently, I have been privileged to watch some friends and neighbors begin their journey into the sport of running.  C25K programs have begun and first races have been put on the calendar.  I love watching people discover this amazing sport.  I wish them all lots of fun and success in achieving their personal goals!

Yesterday!  Whoa!  How does someone describe yesterday?  Watching the Boston Marathon is so awesome, inspiring and motivating.  It was filled with so many positive moments that highlight the greatness in humanity.  I am hoping that other runners like myself had moments of imagining their future selves competing in Boston.  Jeez, I had moments of imagining myself being in Boston cheering on the runners!  The amount of work and dedication put forth by the athletes to achieve the right to apply to the race is incredible to me, let alone be there and race it.  Someday, maybe…

I did realize this past week, that my first race of the season is fast approaching.  I also felt like my training was all over the place and I was feeling like I was over doing it.  I decided that I would try a race plan for the first time.  I had seen that fellow runners were using Hal Higdon’s plans and thought I would take a look.  It meant that I started on week 4 of the 10 week plan for a 10KM race but I was already doing more than what week 4 required so it worked out well.  I feel more organized and focused now.  I also think it will help with my race confidence because I’ll know I did what I was suppose to do to prepare.

Training has been going well.  I am still dealing with one calf that is super tight after a run that requires lots of foam rolling and massaging.  I had a follow up with my Doc on Monday and am seeing a podiatrist tomorrow to take a peek at the mechanics of my feet and make sure they are not contributing to the calf issue.  If it wasn’t for this pesky calf, I’d feel like a million bucks!  Running, yoga and purposeful eating has me feeling better than I ever have.

The really good news is that even though it snowed on Friday, the weather has been fantastic since and I have been LOVING being back outside to train!  We have been brave enough to pull the patio furniture cushions out of storage and have enjoyed lunch on the deck!  It won’t be long before yoga can be comfortably done on the deck and running won’t require layers!

Last bit of news and excitement, I have signed up for another race.  The Color Run with a bunch of FANTASTIC women and have chosen not to be timed and will not be wearing my watch.  I am challenging my very competitive side to chill out for one race this season and just enjoy the atmosphere and friends.  I am looking forward to the day!


Current April training totals:13046255_10154060698975797_1374509064_n

  • 37.02KM of running on the treadmill and outside.
  • 7 online yoga sessions with Adriene and now that I’ve figured out which poses feel good after a run, I do a post run mini yoga session on my own.
  • I’m still figuring out the “Cross training” on my new schedule but most often it is filled with Yoga, Wii Dancing with the kiddos, walks and I am so counting our participation in #WorldLitterRunWeek as cross!  An hour and  half of continuous bending and picking up litter had my thighs and glutes screaming the next day!  Pretty proud of our clean up efforts though!


Countdown to Races:

  • 33 days until 10km at Blue Nose Marathon
  • 74 days until 10km at Salmon Festival
  • A bunch of days to Color Run 5km (This is my competitive side trying to stay chill!)
  • 150 days until 5km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 151 days until 21.1km at Maritime Race Weekend

4 thoughts on “Exciting Spring.

  1. You’re going to do amazing! Especially with a training plan 🙂 my competitive self had a hard time leaving my watch at home for Mud Hero and in the end, in glad I left it home. It allowed me to focus on having fun with my friends!!!!


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