Our Start to April…

What a start to April!  We were thrown some pretty stressful curve balls at two of the schools our children attend.  The passing of a young student at one school and major safety concerns at another.  As a parent, you want to protect your children from all the sadness and keep them safe, but that’s impossible.  Guiding them through it is all we can do.  Our little Baby Girl ended up needing a day off from school to sort through everything surrounding her.  It showed up as a bad tummy ache but the questions she asked throughout the day, were telling as to what was on her mind and heart.  The hardest part is when the children ask the question “Why?” and you have no answer.

Before I started running, these things would have thrown me into a negative funk for a long time.  I would, like the children, get lost in trying to find an answer to the “Why?” of these challenging situations life deals us.  However, I was able keep myself strong and my heart from wandering too far into the sadness and fear.  I was able to leave it behind me with every step of a run and refocus myself on the yoga mat.  My children had a positive and strong mom to turn to as they tried to make sense of their current world.

Staying active with running and yoga is not only benefiting me, but my family as well.  In an emergency on a plane, you are told to put your oxygen mask on before your child’s.  It defies a mother’s natural instinct to protect their child.  I’m learning that taking time out of our family life to get my runs in or spend some time on the yoga mat should be GUILT free.  It is not taking away from them but giving them the best mom I can be!

Now…if only I could figure out how to stop the snow!  If April Showers bring May Flowers, what does April Snow bring?

This weeks training total:

  • 17.4KM of running on the treadmill.  C’mon Spring, I wanna play outside!
  • Three online yoga sessions with Adriene.  First Crow’s Pose ever!  1.5 seconds counts, right?

Countdown to Races:

  • 42 days until 10km at Blue Nose Marathon
  • Seriously considering adding another 10km in my hometown the first week of July.
  • 159 days until 5km at Maritime Race Weekend
  • 160 days until 21.1km at Maritime Race Weekend