Memories of Little Feet.

I have spent the weekend with some adorable little ones.  One of my best friends, Michelle, and her husband have escaped for the weekend to catch the Iron Maiden concert in Montreal while I babysat their two year old twin boys and very soon to be five year old daughter.  A weekend they so deserve and need.  I was excited for them and was looking forward to bonding more with their children.

As I sit typing waiting for the children to fall asleep on their second and final night with us, I am feeling a little nostalgic.  I can say with 100% certainty that I do NOT miss the diapers, runny noses, and exhaustion that comes with having toddlers in the house.  We started our family 18 years ago and I also provided child care in my home for many years, so I’ve definitely  had my fill of diaper changes.  I can however, say that I miss those little moments of giggles, funny things they say based on their innocent perception of the world, little hands in mine, how freakin’ adorable they look in pj’s and the snuggles.  There have been moments where Hubby and I have caught each others eye and both knew we were thinking back to the sweetness of when our Kiddos were little.  As busy as it has been having three extra kids in the house, it was filled with precious memories too.

This weekend has also reminded me just how amazing these two parents are!  I have JUST kept things together for the weekend but I have cheated and had all my older children helping at various times.  Michelle and Yann are just the two of them, doing this every day and they still find time to train and race!  They are awesome!

I thought this would be a good time to share Michelle’s running story again ( Inspired by…Michelle.).  She truly inspires me….even more tonight when I may have to resort to using clothespins to keep my eyes open!

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