Is March Really Done Already?

March was full of life!  Well, really what month isn’t full of activity in a household with four children and a home based business?  We had lots of family awesomeness happening, great progress with my training and a step into the unknown world of Twitter!

My training for the race season is coming along wonderfully!  I love how much stronger I am feeling as well as the positive perks to my energy levels, overall attitude and patience level.  I am always a better version of me when I am training and get so much more out of life!

This month’s training summary includes (even after a week of a nasty head cold):

  • 10 sessions of yoga!  I have fallen in love with the online videos at  She is so much fun!
  • 46.8 km of running / walking, both inside on the treadmill and outside on the sidewalks
  • lots of foam rolling to keep the muscles nice and happy
  • lots of fun playing the Wii with Hubby and the Kiddos.  I love Just Dance and the Kiddos have been kind by tolerating my song choices.
  • I meet with a dietitian
  • I ventured into the world of Twitter!

So some of those items might not look like typical training items but they all count for me.  When I leave the living room after playing the Wii with the Kiddos for a couple hours and my body is hurting and I have worked up a sweat – I totally consider that working out!

I also met with the dietitian at my local Superstore to take a look at my eating habits.  She gave me some suggestions on how to implement some minor tweaks to balance my diet for my current lifestyle and things to look out for as I increase my training over the next couple months.  It was good to have the check in and be able to ask questions.  It was completely free and very educational.  I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to achieve their health goals.  I’ve tried out the Almond Energy Bites recipe that she gave me and they are being snacked on by a few in the house.

Almond Butter Energy Bites

1 cup dry oats

2/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes


Energy Bites!

½ cup smooth almond butter

½ cur ground flax seed

½ cup semi sweet or dark chocolate chips

1/3 cup Nova Scotia Honey

1 tbsp ground chia seeds

1 tsp natural vanilla extract


Stir all ingredients together until thoroughly mixed.  Cover and let chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.  Roll into balls – the size of a ping pong ball.  Refrigerate for up to a week.

They were easy to make and are pretty tasty although some changes were made to the recipe.  I used peanut butter instead of almond butter – have you seen the price of that stuff?  I also switched out the chocolate chips for peanut butter chips because I don’t really like chocolate.  I always feel very lonely when I say that because it seems the rest of the world is madly in love with chocolate!  The bites are in the fridge and make for easy snacks that are filled with goodness.

Ok, I must be really stretching it to say that signing up for Twitter is part of my training, right?  Social media has allowed me access to tons of information on running, staying healthy, balancing roles as mother and wife while training, eating right, and tons of tips and tricks to make my day a little easier.  Beyond the information shared, there is a community of people cheering each other on as they work towards their personal goals that is so instrumental since I typically train alone.  It keeps me focussed and motivated.  So, spending some time learning how to use twitter may have kept me on my butt at the computer but I suspect that it will add so much more to my training in the long run.  If you would like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @runningfourlove

So as March comes to a successful end, I am looking forward to increasing my runs, continuing with Yoga and eating healthy as well as spring cleaning our home this April.  Ok, so I’m not really looking forward to spring cleaning the house as much as the results when it’s done.

I also wish everyone a great month of training and healthy living this April!  I’d love to hear your goals for April and try out any healthy recipes you are willing to share with me.  Take care all!

Countdown to Races:

52 days until 10km at Blue Nose Marathon

169 days until 5km at Maritime Race Weekend

170 days until 21.1km at Maritime Race Weekend


3 thoughts on “Is March Really Done Already?

  1. Those peanut butter bites look so good!!! You are not alone in the hating chocolate part, my bf is also a chocolate hater, although I do not understand it I go along with it, more chocolate for me 🙂 Good luck on your new eating habit changes. I met with a dietician once and it was a disaster for me, as a vegetarian/vegan she gave me portions that are just not possible for a person to eat, like 4 cups of beans a day urgggg.


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