Inspired by…..Sara Abigail

Sara Abigail, also known as Sissy in this household, is someone who has inspired me since her first breath.

Sara is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She is loyal, determined, hard working, kind and sensitive.  She has a huge heart that is sometimes very fragile.  She is, and always has been, mature beyond her years.  Sara has the best sense of humor EVER!  She can get a room roaring with laughter, with only the simplest of statement or gesture.

Sara loves super heroes, reading, and hanging with friends and family.  She enjoys spending time outdoors in the warm summer months and prefers to hibernate in the winter – unless, of course, there is a good sliding hill close by and a promise of hot chocolate afterwards.  She loves chocolate and popcorn and good movies.

Sara is a dedicated, organized and determined student.  She is finishing up her grade twelve year with fabulous marks and has been accepted to university for the coming fall in her chosen program.  She will be studying to be an elementary school teacher and is currently volunteering in an elementary classroom during her free period in her high school schedule.  She is appreciated and enjoyed in the classroom by the young students.

This week, her hard work was further rewarded with a scholarship that will pay for her university tuition, renewable for the four years of her program.  We jumped up and down and cried tears of joy when we opened the mail.  I was thinking that I have never been more proud of her.  But that’s not true.  I have been equally moved with pride and inspired by her more times than I can count.

Since she was a newborn, she has been dealt challenging times but has always faced them head on with the determination needed to make it through.  When she was five days old and a tiny five pounds, we followed a nurse through the halls of the hospital while she ran with Sara in her arms to get her life saving intervention.  Sara is now a strong and healthy teen that towers over me, but still insists on walking on her tip toes as she passes me to make sure I’m FULLY aware of how much taller she is than me.

As the oldest of four children, she was always expected to help out.  We may have heard some rumblings from time to time about it but the job usually got done.

When her little brother was a preteen and spent months in the hospital learning how to walk again, Sara filled in more than just the regular big sister duties.  She grew up overnight and accepted the challenges in front of this family.  She supported us while Hubby and I worked to keep our family healthy and happy.  She stepped up in ways not asked of her, she put her family first.  She was incredible.

She has inspired me in huge ways, like this week when she opened the scholarship offer letter, and she has inspired me in little ways, like by surprising me with a clean kitchen when I’m not feeling well.  She is still a typical teenager and sometimes it takes a lot of counting backwards from 100 to make it through the day or even the conversation we are having at the moment.  Even from those moments, I find myself being inspired by her.  Her determination to stand up for what she truly believes in, her will to sort through a conflict or new issue in life, and her incredible humbleness that allows an apology after a “teen” moment if it’s needed inspires me.

In 17 years, she has figured out all the really important stuff in life.  She inspires me to be better…for her…

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