You Motivated Me.

What a difference a day makes!

First day back after vacation is always a hard day to find motivation, but facing a late St. Patrick’s Day storm with snow and freezing rain grossness everywhere, really challenged my commitment to my training!  I talked myself into going to the gym with the intention of just walking on the treadmill.  I had not ran in 4 days so I knew I HAD to go.  I know just how easy it is to loose the progress I have made by skipping too many days.

I also remembered that YOU are taking time out of your day to follow my training and progress through this blog, that you have invested some of your precious time in me.  That’s what ultimately got me out the door this morning!  You did!  Thanks for keeping me accountable!

Getting to the gym proved to be the hardest part of the morning.  Once I got there, my bare minimum intentions were pushed aside and I ran 4km.  Now that I’m home and have rehydrated and had a protein/carb snack, I feel great and am so glad that I stayed committed to me.  So thanks again for the push I needed to jump start this Monday morning!

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