First Day of Spring!

It’s here! The first day of Spring has arrived and we have survived another winter in the Maritimes! What’s even better is the day is simply gorgeous with the sun shining bright.

As the last day of March Break, it should be a day of cleaning, organizing and laundry in preparation for Monday and the restart of school routine. We decided, however, that a break from the chores was needed and headed to the walking trails at Uniacke House to soak up some sun!

An hour long walk with Boo Bear, Baby Girl and Puppy through the paths and over the wooden bridges.  Listening to the bubbling streams, breathing the fresh air, feeling the still frozen ground crunch under foot and slipping in puddles where the sun has begun to melt winter away – it was so therapeutic. The Kiddos loved exploring, Puppy loved following them and I cherished the time. What a great end to March Break and start to Spring!

Our March Break of 2016 was action packed! Bud had a hockey tournament, Sissy went prom dress shopping, Grandma and Pa spent a few days with us, job applications were completed and handed out by Sissy, we had a 1950’s supper complete with music from the era that had family jiving in the kitchen, a bunch of teens spent late nights baking yummy desserts, we went bowling under Neon lights and today went for our hike!  I was also able to sneak in two yoga classes, a 4.65km run outside, 35 minutes on the treadmill and LOTS of time on the Wii.

We decided to bring the Wii to the living room this week and it has been used non-stop by everyone. This game is not to be underestimated in its ability to give you a good work out and stretch your muscles, all while you have fun. We have played tennis, bowling, baseball, golf and tried out various fitness activities. My favorite was what is called the Lotus Candle (I think anyway). I had to sit with legs crisscrossed on the Wii board and keep EXTREMELY still while watching a candle burn out. Abs engaged, total concentration, focussing on even breathing – longest 180 seconds ever and weirdly, it was very relaxing. I love discovering other ways to keep active and supplement my running, especially when my kids are participating with me!

The Wii will be staying in the living room, I suspect the family will go bowling again and a picnic at Uniacke House is on the Summer to-do list! Never a dull moment!

Happy First Day of Spring to you!!!

Countdown to Races:

63 days until 10km at Blue Nose Marathon

180 days until 5km at Maritime Race Weekend

181 days until 21.1km at Maritime Race Weekend


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