Taking it Outside!

Decided to move my training outside today. It’s March and it’s still the Maritimes, so it was definitely on the colder side but after a nearly no snow winter, the sidewalks were bare and safe. After the crazy amounts of snow we received last winter, everyone is enjoying this mild winter and early spring. It’s as if Mother Nature has joined my friends in encouraging me to get that first half marathon off my bucket list THIS year!  So I took advantage of it, layered on the clothes and enjoyed the fresh air!

I had prepared myself for this transition to the outdoors. We live in a fairly hilly neighborhood with concrete sidewalks. Far different from the treadmill where I controlled if I wanted to be challenged by a rise in incline at that moment. I was prepared for a reduction in ease and an increase in time to complete the same distances. I was also prepared for a challenging run since I was off all last week with a nasty head cold. In these situations, it is good to get into your own head space before a run and prepare yourself with realistic expectations. It prevents that negative self talk from happening after the run. It helps you realize that not every day will be your best day but it is still awesome to get out and do your training, whatever it ends up looking like.

I was pleasantly surprised and did better than I expected and so, I also have to learn to trust my training! This is something that I will be working on.

I also had my long awaited ultrasound for my calf. Even though I am running without pain, it is still not 100%, it is still tighter than the other leg and sometimes is annoyingly uncomfortable on recovery days. The ultrasound tech said my calves were beautiful – no injuries or fluid build ups. Sounds great to me! I will have to visit the doc again to see if he has other options for figuring out the residual tightness and uncomfortableness. Until then, I’m progressing as usual and will pull back if the pain comes back.

Today was also a successful prom dress shopping day with our oldest daughter. Yesterday was a marathon shopping trip involving several stores, several of her friends and a friend of my own to help us out. A bazillion dresses were tried on and she looked stunning in all of them. She is a gorgeous girl inside and out. I am so excited that today she found THE dress and am just so proud to be her Mom.

All in all, a spectacular day!

Countdown to Races:

68 days until 10km at Blue Nose Marathon

185 days until 5km at Maritime Race Weekend

186 days until 21.1km at Maritime Race Weekend