Keeping it real and positive.

In my last blog, I wrote about all the things I had accomplished with my commitment to my training. It was a list of all the positive steps and great things that happened in my week. I am a real person though, and my life is not positive and happy the whole day through.

Last week was also filled with a broken down bus for my elementary school kiddo that made me late to pick up the junior high school kids and had me barely making it to the high school to pick up the rest of the gang.  It had a dishwasher that decided that making dishes dirtier than when we put them in, was its new mission in life. We are back to old fashion washing by hand for the next couple weeks while we wait for parts. The week had me doing month end book keeping that really stresses anyone out who runs their own business from home and I planned next months’ budget. That’s where you turn the no longer existent penny into dollars. Bushels of fun, I tell ya! It had me breaking the news to my 7-year-old that our regular March Break trip to Grandma and Pa’s just didn’t fit the schedule this year – breaking three people hearts with one quick decision, that’s always fun. I had a teen that had an “off” week (if you have teens, you understand the amount of breathing and counting backwards from 10 this entails). I got way behind in laundry because all the extra time I’m dedicating to my schedule for training, has to take away from something temporarily while I work the kinks out. And I gave up caffeine!

Life is not always sunshine and positive steps forward. It’s a wild ride sometimes. I have learned over the years that keeping running in my life allows me to have more patience to deal with the ups and downs. It allows me to keep things in perspective. It allows me to choose what gets into my head on a daily basis. Even though life threw me a couple of curve balls last week, it was still as a great week. Training was good, I had some great connecting moments with my older girls, spent one on one time with some fabulous women, and watched Fuller House with my Hubby and youngest two kiddos, a fun little trip down memory lane. When deciding if the week was a good or bad , it really could have gone either way, I just decided to put more value in the really important and positive things.

I had a spectacular week! Hope you did too!

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