It’s Back!

I’ve got it back.

That constant craving to be working out, eating better, sleeping properly, and learning everything I can to make my running better, is back in full force. It’s like the switch flipped on the treadmill today and I no longer have to encourage myself to train. Now, I have to make sure this excitement doesn’t turn into over training and hurting myself.

My half marathon is in September. That’s 6 months from now! Well, 204 days to be exact.

That is two seasons from now!

It’s not until after a new school year has started!

It’s three Clarke family birthdays, a high school graduation for our awesome daughter, a whole summer of vacation adventures, probably a bunch of visits from the tooth fairy based on the amount of loose teeth in Baby Girl’s mouth, a summer filled with backyard movies and S’more making…. it’s far, far away!

On one hand, I really need it to be that far away to get ready for 21.1 km of running but that is also a long time to wait for some bling! The Blue Nose Marathon weekend, however, is only 12 weeks away. Twelve weeks is just enough time to get this body in shape for the GoodLife Fitness 10km race at the Blue Nose weekend. Today I have decided that this Mama is going to be coloring her nose blue in May!

I do have one obstacle in between me and that goal which I have no control over. I finally have a scheduled appointment for my ultrasound that was recommended when I tore my calf muscle last fall. So, at this mid-March appointment, I may get news that I have jumped the gun on my training. I doubt it because I am feeling great and the leg is giving me no grief at all when I’m training. Let’s all cross our fingers that everything looks beautiful on the ultrasound!

I can’t wait to be standing in that crowd of runners at the starting line! It will be awesome!

Now to convince some of my kiddos to do the Blue Nose Youth Run as well! Two days of finish lines and sharing the love of running with my kiddos would be amazing. It doesn’t get better than that!