Inspired by…Vanessa.


I am inspired by my fellow runners all the time.  Last month, a runner friend of mine posted a picture of herself with her first medal of the year on Facebook.  I was so proud of her and encouraged to keep moving my own training forward.  It made me want to share the stories of those who inspire me.  And so, I would like to introduce the first guest blogger in my new “Inspired by…” series.

Vanessa was a neighbor of mine for a short while.  Her constant smile and huge heart made it easy to become friends with her immediately.  I had the opportunity of running the 5KM Sunset race at Maritime Rave Weekend with her last fall.  It was a really fun evening!  In her own words, here is her running story…..

“I am a 37 year old mother of three. My husband and I own and operate a wholesale business located in northern Labrador. I was very active in my school years but as I got older and began a family, life seemed to get in the way. I put my activities on the back burner and put my time and energy into raising a family.

Four years ago I began doing Taekwondo with my daughter. I figured I might as well since I was there every class, and maybe it might help shed a few of the pounds that I had put on over the years. I was loving Taekwondo but my weight was affecting my endurance. After relocating to a new town I made a new friend who was into running. After a bit of convincing I decided to register for my first 5km and give it a try. What did I have to lose? I fell in love with running instantly! I have now been running for three years!

At first I found it a little hard to stay motivated so I would sign up for every 5Km there was. I figured that worst case scenario was I could walk the 5km, but knowing I had a run coming up was motivation to train harder. It wasn’t long before I started noticing that my times were getting better, I was running more than walking and the pounds were slowly coming off!!

While living in Nova Scotia I would sign up for just about any 5km I could find. I enjoyed the fun races as I am not a competitive person but also enjoy the more serious timed runs as it enable me to track my progress better. About a year ago, I moved back to Labrador and unfortunately the number of races that occur here are limited as we live in a small remote community. However, I still participate in any races I can! I make a point of traveling back to Nova Scotia for Mud Hero and Maritime Race Weekend every year. I even look for 5km races everywhere I go. My most recent run was the Disney 5km at Castaway Cay. Most people think it’s crazy to get up that early while vacationing on a Cruise to run, but as a runner I could not skip it!!!

For the most part I enjoy training alone while listening to music because with three kids and a business I have a crazy schedule. I fill my iPod with music that follows my pace. I find if the beat is too fast or slow, then it’s hard to stay focused. I still do Taekwondo three days a week and try to run a couple days in between. The two activities are going great with each other and my endurance is doing much better!!

For me, the biggest challenge is scheduling time for me – to make my training time a priority. As a mom, we tend to put our kid’s activities as a priority but we need to remember to schedule time for ourselves! Find what motivates you and go with it! I personally keep all my bling and running bibs hung on the wall next to my treadmill in the basement. Not for anyone else to see but as a reminder to me of how far I have come! I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there! I have increased my goal to a 10km for this year’s upcoming Maritime Race Weekend. I know worst case scenario is I can walk 10km….and I am lapping everyone home on the couch!”


Thank you to Vanessa Temple for sharing her running inspiration!


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