222 Days


I have 222 days to prepare myself for my biggest running challenge! I am filled with many different emotions when I think about the day. I feel excited, fearful, overwhelmed, and determined. It is still so far out, but since I am just starting to run again after my injury, it feels like it is coming way too fast!


I was at the gym a couple times this week and ran on the treadmill! That is exciting! It, however, didn’t come without some major preparation mentally. I spent way too much energy talking myself into it. It is amazing how negative and frustrating that little inner voice can be. I have read many running articles describing the necessity of that little voice that wants you to stop. It is a defence mechanism designed to protect you in normal daily life. When we exercise, we wake up that inner voice and it starts screaming for us to stop, telling us that we are at risk of hurting ourselves or running out of energy. Making that little voice shut the heck up was exhausting because it had real proof it was hitting me with this time. “YOU WERE INJURED!  DON’T DO IT!”

Luckily, I also had proof that I CAN do it. I HAVE done it. I have set running goals before and have achieved them. I have a favorite photo of me that was taken post race. Post Maritime Race Weekend to be exact. A picture I plan on duplicating this fall when I finish my first half marathon at Maritime Race Weekend. The picture really just reminds me of a time when I defeated that little voice and achieved my goal. The picture represents strength, pride in myself and great happiness. I have just added it to my vision board and after I get one of my kiddos to show me how to change the picture on my phone, it’ll be my new background photo too! I will have a constant positive reminder to help drown out that little voice who wants me to stop.


I was frustrated leaving the gym because the running I put in, would have been considered a warm up a few months ago. I have had time to change my perspective since then. I have gratitude now that I was able to run again, regardless of the current distance or speed. I have gratitude that I am one step closer to my goal.