Bling Preview!

As you all know, I am preparing for my very first half marathon this fall at Maritime Race Weekend.  I wanted to give my first half a go at this race for a few reasons. It is a fall race and I personally prefer having all summer to train my hardest. It is a fun weekend in a great location with mostly flat routes that are sometimes right along the water. Every detail is given a lot of thought by the organizers so the whole weekend runs smoothly. The race director is fantastic and keeps racers motivated all year with her updates, contests and great positive attitude. Finally, THE SWAG AND BLING ARE AWESOME!!!!

Normally, I am not a jewellery and accessory type of person. The only jewellery I wear daily is my wedding ring. If I am dressing up for a special occasion, I might wear my engagement ring too. However, when it comes to racing medals, I get all twinkly eyed over the sparkle!

Maritime Race Weekend medals do more than sparkle! They have moving parts and intricate details. They are solid and gorgeous. They are hung on beautiful ribbons. They are must haves!

I was so excited to see the tweet from the race director announcing the reveal of this year’s medals. This year is the fifth anniversary of Maritime Race Weekend and the medals are, as I anticipated, GORGEOUS!

Yes, I said medals. Plural! Two races and three medals. Last year, I ran the 5Km on the Friday evening with some friends who were competing in their first ever race and received this medal:


Then early Saturday morning, I ran the 5km with the hopes of beating my personal best and received this medal. A pocket watch design that opens:

And because I ran both races, I received this medal:


They are so awesome!

This year, I am participating in the 5km on the Friday evening, the Half Marathon on Saturday morning and will walk away with these beauties! I know that they are only sketches right now but they have spinners! How cool is that?

I can’t wait!! These pictures are being added to my vision board to help keep me focussed on the goal. Just the motivation I needed to really get my training back on track!


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