Having fun while working out!

I had a great workout on the weekend!

Didn’t step foot in the gym. Didn’t lace my sneakers up. Didn’t log kilometers on the treadmill. Didn’t take a yoga class.

I went outside with my kiddos.

Our two youngest kiddos, some friends and I hit the local sliding hill. IT WAS AWESOME! The snow was fresh and powdery, the sky was clear and bright, the temperature was perfect, and the hill was long and fast! I had so much fun and the kids had an absolute blast. We were exhausted when we left the hill with rosy cheeks and soaking wet snowsuits. A really good exhausted though. It is the same good exhausted I feel after a run.

What I didn’t realize until the next morning was how much of a workout sliding can be. I woke up to muscles letting me know that I had definitely given them a challenge the day before. How awesome is that? I soaked in some sunshine, made memories with my kiddos and friends and snuck in a fantastic workout. Multitasking – the only way a mom of four keeps ahead of the game!