Ultrasound and Physio

Thanks to everyone who crossed their fingers for me – it worked!!!  I had my appointment today with the sports doctor and am pleased with the results.  Although he was a little puzzled by the pain that still remains five weeks after the probable calf tear, he has given me permission to resume training – slowly!

He has recommended an ultrasound to just double check the calf and has referred me to physiotherapy to provide the leg a little extra love.  Both the ultrasound and physio will happen when openings become available – no idea how long that will be though.  His treatment plan was summed up with, “the leg just needs a little extra love to get back”.  Alright then, love is what it will get!  I am just grateful that he didn’t find anything in the exam that would lead him to believe something big and scary was happening.

While waiting for the next appointments, training will start slowly with light stretches, brisk walks and soon enough a walk/run session.  I am very hesitantly pleased.  I am thrilled that he did not shut down my running possibilities but I am fully aware that I am not 100% and it will take a while to get going again.  I will be patient a little longer.

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