“No running yet. I’m referring you to a sports physician.”

I spent the last month thinking positively about today’s appointment.  Applying the sports strategy used by many athletes of envisioning your desired results.  Unfortunately, that didn’t really work today.

After listening to a summary of what had been happening with the tightness in my leg, the pain I was feeling, and the crazy bruise I woke to one morning, along with an examination, my family physician has decided that it is best I see a sports specialist.  She also added those nasty words, “No running until then”.  Well that’s just poopy!

I am allowed and encouraged, however, to walk very short lengths.  We are talking down the street to the kiddo’s bus stop and back a couple of times.  As long as things don’t get worse doing this, I can continue to add very minimal distance to my walks.  I’ll take it!

Basically, I am still in a holding pattern of waiting for a diagnosis and treatment plan or, if the universe is being very kind, someone to tell me I’m good to run again.  Holding patterns and runners do not mix well.  Well, not this runner anyway!  I have tried to keep myself busy while healing and have used my time productively.  I have been through most of the last unpacked boxes filled with family treasures, the kiddo’s school memories, crafts and reports, and the stuff we really didn’t know what to do with when we moved.  It was a job I was putting off for two years now, so it was a positive use of the extra time I had on my hands.  I had to give myself a quick decluttering pep talk before attempting those boxes because I find it so hard to part with keepsakes.  I read Peter Walsh’s awesome and perspective changing book, It’s All Too Much quite a few years ago and still refer to the main points of the book every time I tackle a job like these boxes, the closets, the playroom when we had one or the kid’s rooms!  My good Lord, the kid’s rooms!  That’s always a job requiring athletic perseverance!

Luckily, the oldest two kiddos are teens and responsible for their own space.  Every once in a while they need a quick reminder to give it a good cleaning but that’s the extent of my responsibilities for their space.  We still struggle, however, with the youngest two girl’s room.  They share a room, well, at least I think there is a room with a floor, walls and practical items such as beds and dressers in there.  Most times when opening the door to their room, I feel like I’m walking into a tornado and often turn around and shut the door.  Looks like I just found my next long distance goal!  Not as fun as hitting a new distance running, but I’m sure it will be just as rewarding in the end to have an organized room for them.

I have also decided that since I can’t do any running or cross training for a bit longer, I am hoping to use this time to focus on another important aspect of running.  I’d like to spend some time learning about healthier eating for runners.  I noticed that the local grocery stores have dietitians on hand that offer free advice to those with special dietary needs including athletes.  I am very interested to see what I can learn this month about fueling my body correctly for training!

I want to thank everyone who had their fingers crossed for better results from today’s appointment.  Your support means a lot and helps me to stay positive on this journey!  Here’s hoping crossing fingers works for the next appointment!

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