Balancing Roles

There is another great local race coming up in November.  I have ran this race before and had an awesome time with some great women.  It’s a team relay race filled with cool team names and crazy costumes to match.  I was all ready to sign up but unfortunately team mates without conflicting schedules were nowhere to be found.  Now, this fun race allows for single racers to run one leg of the relay and still get all the independent benefits of the race.  A sweet gesture that I considered all weekend because I love, love, love to race.  I, however, have decided not to sign up for this race this year.

What??  NOT SIGN UP FOR A LOCAL REALLY GREAT RACE!?  Yes, that’s correct.  I’ve decided to pass on a race because life is about balance.  Not having running partners to immediately sign up with gave me time to pause and think about it.  This race is actually on the Sunday morning of Hubby’s birthday weekend.  Instead of racing, I will host a wonderful evening of friends and family to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.  After all, this is the same guy who, with no complaints what so ever, encouraged me to race in my favorite race of the season on our anniversary.  No candles, champagne or a romantic dinner out.  I was in running gear and toasting to us at water stations!

I am very fortunate that my family and friends support my constant obsession with running.  I feel loved and encouraged all the time.  The situation of deciding to race or not, is my opportunity to show my biggest supporter that I appreciate him and all he does for me.  As the tag line of my blog says – I’m a wife, mother of 4, and runner, finding balance between those three roles allows for each to enhance the other and allows me to be the best I can be.

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